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Education and Training Programs

The UCSD Department of Psychiatry is home to between 25-30 formal training programs, and about 350 trainees. Our programs serve different disciplines, including Psychiatry, Psychology and Allied Mental Health Professions, and different levels of training, from predoctoral medical and graduate students to postdoctoral Residents and research Fellows. Topics range from general to highly specialized and cover developmental phases from childhood to late life. Several of our programs are supported by the NIH via R25 and T32 Awards, and by the Veterans Administration via MIRECC and other Fellowship support. For program details, simply click on the relevant links or program boxes!
*The program chart correlates to the drop down menu below, and each category is referenced by color starting with the top left going counter clockwise.

Medical Student and High School Programs

Psychiatry Residency Programs

Psychiatry Fellowship Programs (*ACGME Accredited)

Interdisciplinary Research Fellowships

Interdisciplinary Clinical and Research Fellowships

Psychology Graduate, Internship and Residency Programs

Allied Professionals

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Diagram of Education and Training Programs

MSTAR HS STAR MSI-II MSIII MSIV JDP UCSD-VA Psychology Internship T32 Training in Research on Addictions in Interdisciplinary NeuroAIDS (TRAIN)
T32 Alcohol Research in the Science/Practitioner Model: Behavioral Sciences in Alcohol Abuse
VA Advanced Fellowship Program in Addiction Treatment
VA Fellowship Program in Health Issues of Women Veterans
VA Interprofessional Fellowship: Psychosocial Rehab. & Recovery Oriented Services
VASDHS-UCSD Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Residency Program
VA Neuro-psychology Postdoctoral Residency Program
P12 IRFN CESAMH BioPsych Fellowship MIRECC Community Psych Track Community Psych Fellowship Child & Community Psych Geriatric Psych Fellowship Consultation Liaison Psych T32 Research Fellowship in Geriatric Mental Health
Geriatric Psychiatry Clinical Fellowship
Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship
Child & Adolescent Psych Psych Redidency Combined FM/Psych Residency R25 Research Residency Allied Mental Health Psych NP Program Eating Disorders Fellowship Program