Priti Ojha

Priti Ojha, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2018

Priti Ojha, MD was a UCSD community psychiatry fellow and Chief Resident of outpatient psychiatric services. She received her medical degree from Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Prior to medical school, Dr. Ojha conducted molecular biology and immunology research and served as an Instructor of Bioscience Technologies in Philadelphia. Dr. Ojha has been involved in organized medicine with an interest in public policy through the AMA and APA. She served as a Resident-Fellow Representative on behalf of the California Psychiatric Association to the California Medical Association and currently serves as the Federal Legislative Representative to the San Diego Psychiatric Society. She is also a Laughlin Fellow with the American College of Psychiatrists. Her research interests include violence in the healthcare setting and women's mental health.

Ronak Jhaveri

Ronak Jhaveri, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2018

Ronak Jhaveri, MD was a UCSD Community Psychiatry Fellow who completed his residency at the University of Connecticut (UConn). While at UConn, Ronak balanced positions of both student leadership and public service. He served as a resident community leader and Outpatient Chief Resident, Resident Council President, Resident Leadership Council representative, and Journal Club Coordinator. He also served as a representative to the Connecticut Psychiatric Society, and used this position to bridge the gap between psychiatry residents and leading state psychiatrists. His scholarly engagement includes clinical research involvement in the study of sexual side-effects among individuals taking antipsychotics, comparison studies looking at the correlation of PTSD symptom severity and comorbid medical diagnoses, as well as authorship of two book chapters regarding the treatment of bipolar disorder in incarcerated individuals and sleep disorders among youth. Post Community Psychiatry Fellowship, Ronak will focus his training on working with individuals impacted by mental illness within the criminal justice system as a Consulting Psychiatrist at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility.

Rachel Robitz

Rachel Robitz, MD, MPH
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2017

Rachel Robitz, MD was a UCSD community psychiatry fellow and co-chief of the combined psychiatry and family medicine resident at UCSD. She currently is an Assistant Clinical Professor and Associate Training Director of Family Medicine/Psychiatry at UC Davis. She served as an APA public psychiatry fellow, APA public psychiatry fellowship representative to the Board of Trustees, and RFM representative on the APA Council of Psychiatry and the Law. Rachel was MIT representative to council and chair of the medical student affairs committee for the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry. In 2016 she was also a Laughlin Fellow. Dr. Robitz had worked with the San Diego County Human Trafficking Advisory Council to improve the county's medical response and had presented on both integrated care and the mental health and medical needs of human trafficking survivors locally and nationally.

Jason Schweitzer

Jason Schweitzer, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2017

Dr. Schweitzer was a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow in the Community Track at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He studied Anthropology and Latin American Studies at Brandeis University in his home state of Massachusetts. After completing his bachelor's degree, he worked in several not-for-profit agencies serving the Latino community in Boston, focusing on substance abuse treatment, peer group advocacy and non-profit administration. His work led him to complete a Master's degree in Social Work at Columbia University in New York, where he worked for several years in psychiatric settings. Inspired by his mentors and by the unique bio-psycho-social perspective that informs psychiatry, Jason matriculated at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine. During medical school, he had the opportunity to work with the mental health team at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless through a grant from the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. As a graduating fourth year, he received the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award. Before fast-tracking to UCSD, he completed 3 years of adult psychiatry training at Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Training Program, where he enjoying a dynamic learning environment, won an Outstanding Resident Teacher award from the Harvard Medical School student body in 2013, and was co-author on a paper describing the reverse co-location model of the integration of psychiatry and primary care medicine. In the future, Dr. Schweitzer hopes to have both clinical and administrative roles, to work with immigrants, and to participate in leadership of non-profit mission-based, integrated primary care and mental health programs.

Jennifer Brewer

Jennifer Brewer, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2016

Jennifer Brewer is passionate about providing well-rounded integrative care to underserved populations, with a special interest in community and socioeconomic barriers to wellness. She has had a longstanding interest in exploring the full spectrum of what it means to be human, double majoring in molecular and cell biology and English Literature during her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley. Again driven to obtain the greatest breadth of training for her purpose of serving others, she attained her medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School however her broad range of interests led her to pursue a career in family medicine and psychiatry. Dr. Brewer particularly enjoys working among those with the greatest need, and fell in love with the program at UCSD for the opportunity to work at St. Vincent's clinic. After graduating from the adult community psychiatry program, she is currently medical director at the Felton Institute working with underserved populations in San Francisco Area. As a lifelong proponent of well-rounded living, Dr. Brewer manages to weave many passions into her life including, swimming, biking, rock climbing, dancing, traveling, writing, meditation, and spending time with friends and family.

Lucy Chen

Yucui (Lucy) Chen, MD, PhD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2016

Dr. Chen graduated in the top 5% of her medical school class at the Shanxi Medical University in China and completed her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Peking University in 2000.  Later moving to the US, Yucui was a Postdoctoral Scholar at Yale and then went to UC Davis’ Mind Institute to complete an Autism Research Training Program.  After this she completed a year of psychiatric training at Brown University, which led her to UCSD where she graduated from the UCSD Community Psychiatry Fellowship program. Of note, her extensive research accomplishments have earned her an impressive list of peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Dr. Chen is currently working in Riverside County. Some of her many hobbies include gardening, swimming, jogging with friends, and learning to play the piano with her son while also volunteering in community service.

Josh Tartaglione

Josh Tartaglione, DO
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2016

After earning a B.S. in Engineering at the University of Delaware, Dr. Tartaglione studied biochemistry at Mills College and U.C. Berkeley. He then received his D.O. from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York, where he earned membership in Sigma Sigma Phi. Before joining the Fellowship program at UCSD, he completed a year of Internal Medicine at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California. He holds a special interest in the underserved and reducing barriers to quality medical care and is currently working at Family Health Centers of San Diego, a FQHC. Dr. Tartaglione has traveled extensively in Africa, Asia, and Europe and enjoys comedy, world cuisine, playing the guitar, and creating and sharing art with children.

Desiree Shapiro

Desiree Shapiro, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2016

Dr. Shapiro received her medical degree from UCSD School of Medicine and completed her residency in psychiatry at UCSD where she is currently an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry. Prior to medical school, Dr. Shapiro studied Biopsychology and English at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). She was also involved in research training programs at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of San Francisco (UCSF) in the Departments of Neuroengineering and Psychiatry. During her time as a student and later resident, she was awarded the Joseph Stokes Award for Senior Independent Study Project and the Weiss Research in Preventive Medicine Scholarship and was also the recipient of the UCSD Department of Psychiatry's Senior Award. As a core inpatient faculty at UCSD Rady Children Hospital, she is actively involved in working with Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows. Presently Dr. Shapiro serves on the APA Council for Children, Adolescents, and their Families and the AACAP Adolescent Committee.

Claire Andersen

Claire Andersen, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2015

Claire Andersen knew she wanted to do child and adolescent psychiatry since she was a young teen volunteering with behaviorally and emotionally disturbed preschool children at The Children's Center. She went to the University of Utah for her Undergraduate degree and designed her own major through the Bachelor of University Studies, called Science and Society, which integrated the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to medical morbidity. Her desire to become a physician for young children was solidified during a year of her undergraduate degree which was spent at the National Exchange at Humboldt State University. After college Claire spent time learning Spanish and volunteering in Central America. In 2010, she graduated from medical school at the University of Utah School Of Medicine. Later moving to Seattle, Washington to complete her general psychiatry residency through the University of Washington, she rotated through Harborview, a county medical hospital. Her favorite rotations included CSTC, the residential treatment program for young children and DESC, a homeless outreach program for the mentally ill in Seattle. Dr. Moran is currently in Utah working with underserved populations.

Antje Moran

Antje Moran, DO
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2014

Antje Moran was born and raised in Los Angeles. For undergraduate training she went to UC Berkeley and then continued onto Touro University for medical school training. Having completed medical school, she proceeded onto general adult psychiatry here at UC San Diego. She continued her training with the child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at UCSD and concurrent enrollment in the community track to continue to develop her interests in public systems and community programs. After completion of her fellowship, Antje took a position with the California State Prisons to provide care to some of those with the greatest needs.

Larry Malak

Larry Malak, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2014

Dr. Malak is Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), Associate Director for UCSD Community Psychiatry Program, Associate Residency Training Director and Director for the Community Residency Track. He attended medical school in Houston at Baylor College of Medicine before returning to California for residency training at UC San Diego. While in residency, he served as Chief Resident in his final year at the UCSD Medical Center and won the Lewis Judd Resident Research Award for his original work looking at Psychiatric Re-admissions to UCSD. Dr. Malak is active within organized psychiatry at the national, state and local level. He has served as a Resident Representative to the San Diego Psychiatric Society council during residency and now serves as the President. At the state level, Dr. Malak has been on the California Psychiatric Association Council since residency and served on various committees including the Government Affairs Committee and is currently the CPA Political Action Committee Chair. With the American Psychiatric Association (APA), he has been a representative to the National Assembly for several years, representing Residents and Fellows and now Early Career Psychiatrists. In addition to work with the APA, He is a board member of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists and a member of the American Medical Association, California Medical Association, and the San Diego County Medical Association.

Ksenia Nawrocki

Ksenia Nawrocki, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2014

Dr. Nawrocki earned her medical degree from the Ural State Medical Academy in Russia in 2001 and moved to San Diego in 2003. In 2009, she began her psychiatry residency at the University of Connecticut, graduating in June 2013. During the final year of her residency, she presented a poster on Antipsychotic Use and Cardiometabolic Health at the NEI Global Psychopharmacology Congress. Ksenia then returned to San Diego where she completed the Community Psychiatry Fellowship here at UCSD. Dr. Nawrocki is currently employed in San Diego, working with Traditions Behavioral Health and placed in Community Research Foundation, building leadership and management skills in community psychiatry so that she may continue to make meaningful contributions to this vital area of mental healthcare.

Robert Enriquez

Robert Enriquez, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2014

Dr. Enriquez was born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon Line, so at many levels he is a simple small town southern boy. He completed undergraduate studies and medical school in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which has instilled in him a love of college basketball. Dr. Enriquez completed three years of general psychiatry residency at SUNY Downstate. Through the support and encouragement of his former training office and especially chief resident, Fran Garcia, he transferred to UCSD and completed his general psychiatry residency in the Community Psychiatry Program here at UCSD. Transferring gave Dr. Enriquez the unique opportunity to compare systems and the practice of psychiatry and has given him perspective in many things. Moving to Southern California had the added benefit of sun. Dr. Enriquez has stayed in San Diego and is working at the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital and at the local San Diego Jails, providing valuable public service to clients in our public mental health system.

Vanessa Lauzon

Vanessa Lauzon, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2013

Dr. Lauzon graduated from the UCSD Combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry Residency Program and Community Psychiatry program during her PGY5 year. She is ABPN Board Eligible General Psychiatrist and ABFM Board Certified Family Medicine physician. After graduation in June 2013, she began working as the Medical Director of Behavioral Health at a non-profit community health system in Ventura, CA, where she was a leader in the integration of behavioral health services into primary care clinics. Currently, Dr. Lauzon is Consultation Liaison Director at UCSD Hillcrest Hospital.

Kristy Lamb

Kristy Lamb, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2013

Dr. Lamb graduated from the UCSD Combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry Residency Program and Community Psychiatry program during her PGY5 year. She is ABPN Board Eligible General Psychiatrist and ABFM Board Eligible Family Medicine physician. After graduation in June 2013, she was employed with Family Health Centers where she worked with the homeless population, practicing integrated care. Dr. Lamb is now in private practice in North County San Diego.

Leroy Arenivar

Leroy Arenivar, MD
Adult Community Psychiatry Fellow, 2012

Dr. Arenivar graduated from the UCSD Child Adolescent Psychiatry Community Track and is ABPN Board Eligible Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and ABPN Board Certified General Psychiatrist. After graduating, he became a staff physician at Lone Star Circle of Care, in Texas. This is a FQHC program pursuing community-wide access to behaviorally enhanced, patient-centered health care and focuses on the underserved.