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About Community Psychiatry

Focus on Community Psychiatry is the future of our profession. As our healthcare system changes and collaboration between academic, public, community and private sector become the norm, we need psychiatrists who will be clinician leaders. Our program’s vision is to train “the next generation of Community Psychiatry Clinicians and Leaders.”

Our program is funded through the California Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), San Diego County and external partners and led by the University of California, San Diego, Department of Psychiatry. In this regard, we adhere to MHSA’s goal of “development and implementation of client and family driven, integrated, culturally competent, and recovery/resiliency-oriented services within a collaborative environment,” and embrace UCSD’s principles to “1) alleviate human suffering and improve the quality of life of those with mental disorders through provision of quality mental health, alcohol and drug treatment, and rehabilitation and recovery services, 2) provide evidence-based clinical training to psychiatrist, family medicine, physicians, medical students, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, social workers and peer mentors, and 3) conduct research into the causes, course and treatment of individuals suffering from mental disorders.”

Our faculty and trainees work within San Diego County and County Contracted partnership sites to have clinical, administrative, managerial, leadership and policy exposure. We take a life spans approach to our fellows’ rotational placement and ensure a right balance in clinical care provision and administrative/leadership exposure. We have devised the rotational sites as a Longitudinal and Rotational experiences. Longitudinal experience consists of 2 days at one location where the fellows provide psychiatric care and leadership service. Rotational sites act as 4-6 week experiences where fellows are exposed to numerous different programs that emphasize different age groups, perspectives (including that of ethnic minority, culturally sensitive and consumer groups), financial models and care delivery models. Our Didactics include weekly journal club, supervision, grand rounds, hands on leadership/management training and experiential sessions in research methodology and skills building.

We have created general residency track in community mental health and specific advanced adult and child/adolescent fellowship tracks. To achieve population based care and cross-professional training model, we have designed clinical training and curriculum for psychiatric nurse practice students in partnership with Schools of Nursing at University of San Diego and California State University, San Marcos. We also continue our relationships with programs of marriage and family therapy, social work and psychology. We have also created robust Telemental Health service line designed for outreach to those with limited or no access to high quality mental health care. Our research and scholarship activities are designed for healthcare leadership, management, quality improvement, healthcare outcomes and creating value.

We welcome you to explore our programs and contact us with any questions!