Psychiatry Education & Training


To develop, coordinate and integrate the highest caliber multi-disciplinary education and training in the clinical care and scientific investigation of mental illness, and more broadly, in the study of behavior and its biological and psychological underpinnings.


The PET Council will enhance the coordination, efficiency and quality of the Department of Psychiatry’s education and training, develop new opportunities for collaborations with positive “multiplier” effects on scientific and funding resources, promote the integration of clinical and scientific training in a thoughtful and consistent manner, advance diversity and help develop a more cohesive and collegial Departmental identity around a shared core educational mission.

Faculty Members of the Education and Training Council 2017 - 2018 
  • Igor Grant, MD, Ex Officio
  • Robert Anthenelli, MD, Ex Officio
  • Neal Swerdlow, MD, PhD, Chair
  • Gregory Light, PhD, Deputy Vice Chair
  • Cris Achim, MD
  • Leslie Anderson, PhD
  • Kristin Beizai, MD
  • Savita Bhakta, MD
  • Cinnamon Bloss, PhD
  • Sandra J. Brown, PhD
  • Brian Buzzella, PhD
  • Kristin Cadenhead, MD
  • Veronica Cardenas, PhD
  • Mariana Cherner, PhD
  • Christina Corsello Orahovats, PhD
  • Nancy Downs, MD
  • Davide Dulcis, PhD
  • Lavinia Fiorentino, PhD
  • David Folsom, MD, MPH
  • Jay Giedd, MD
  • Shah Golshan, PhD
  • Bob Heaton, PhD 
  • Ellen Heyneman, MD
  • Steve Huege, MD

  • Amy Jak, PhD
  • Janis Jenkins, PhD
  • John R. Kelsoe, MD
  • Steve Koh, MD, MBA, MPH
  • David Lehman, MD, MPH
  • Laurie Lindamer, PhD
  • Kurtis Lindeman, MD
  • Larry Malak, MD
  • Carla Marienfeld, MD
  • Abraham Palmer, PhD
  • Barton Palmer, PhD
  • Bill Perry, PhD
  • Brinda Rana, PhD
  • Sanjai Rao, MD
  • Vicky Risbrough, PhD
  • Roxanne Rockwell, PhD
  • Sanjaya Saxena, MD 
  • Marc Schuckit, MD
  • Pei-an (Betty) Shih, MPM, PhD
  • Louisa Steiger, MD, MPH
  • Murray Stein, MD, MPH
  • Andrea Spadoni Townsend, PhD
  • Elizabeth W Twamley, PhD
  • Sid Zisook, MD

Program Representatives of the Council of Trainees 2017 - 2018
  • Laura Berner, PhD
  • Jillian Clark, PhD
  • Jessica Deslauriers, PhD 
  • Graham Eglit, PhD 
  • Hilary Gould, PhD
  • Lisa Graves, MS
  • Austin Grinberg, PhD
  • Rahul Lauhan, MD
  • Priti Ojha, MD
  • Adam McPherson, PhD 
  • Tonya Pan, MA, MS
  • Angela Petersen, PhD
  • Liz Strauss, PhD
  • Emily Treichler, PhD