Diversity Resources

Below are resources for those interested in pursuing further information about diversity related issues, organizations, and funding opportunities.

2013 Grand Rounds presentation by Dr. Eyler and the Committee: “Dealing with the Unseen: Assessing and Addressing Unconscious Bias for Departmental and Professional Success”
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Health Sciences and other UCSD Resources

Disability Resources at UCSD

Disability & Accommodations

Tammie Haugen, CPDM - Interim Manager, Worker's Compensation & Disability Management | T: 619-543-3309
Disability & Accommodation Specialist Facilitate:
  • Temporary work accommodation requests
  • Permanent work accommodation requests
  • Religious/strongly held belief accommodation requests
  • Medical separations
  • All employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations, regardless of appointment status, includes job applicants

Funding and Award Opportunities

Professional Organizations

Scientific Meetings