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Selected Publications
                     Whittle, S.B., V. Smith, E. Doherty, S. Zhao, S. McCarty, and P.E. Zage.  2017.  Overview and Recent Advances in the Treatment of Neuroblastoma.  Expert Reviews of Anticancer Therapy.  17(4): 369-86.  PMID:  28142287.

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                     Whittle, S.B., K. Patel, L. Zhang, S.E. Woodfield, M. Du, V. Smith, P.E. Zage.  2016.  The Novel Kinase Inhibitor Ponatinib Is An Effective Antiangiogenic Agent Against Neuroblastoma.  Investigational New Drugs.  34(6): 685-92.  PMID:  27586230.

                     Du, M., L. Zhang, K.A. Scorsone, S.E. Woodfield, P.E. Zage.  2016.  Nifurtimox Is Effective Against Neural Tumor Cells and Is Synergistic with Buthionine Sulfoximine.  Scientific Reports. 6, 27458.  PMID:  27282514.

                     Woodfield, S.E., R. Guo, Y. Liu, A.M. Major, E.F. Hollingsworth, S.M. Indiviglio, S.B. Whittle, Q. Mo, A.J. Bean, M. Ittmann, D. Lopez-Terrada, and P.E. Zage.  2016.  Neuroblastoma patient outcomes, tumor differentiation, and ERK activation are correlated with expression levels of the ubiquitin ligase UBE4B.  Genes & Cancer.  7(1-2): 13-26.  PMID:  27014418.

                     Woodfield, S.E., L. Zhang, K. Scorsone, Y. Liu, and P.E. Zage.  2016.  Binimetinib Inhibits MEK and Is Effective Against Neuroblastoma Tumor Cells With Low NF1 Expression.  BMC Cancer.  16: 172.  PMID:  26925841.

                     Whittle, S., S. Reyes, M. Du, M. Gireud, L. Zhang, S.E. Woodfield, M. Ittmann, M. Scheurer, A.J. Bean, and P.E. Zage.  2016.  A Polymorphism in the FGFR4 Gene is associated with Risk of Neuroblastoma and Altered Receptor Degradation.  Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. 38(2):  131-8.  PMID:  26840079

                     Zhang, L., K. Scorsone, S.E. Woodfield, and P.E. Zage.  2015.  Sensitivity of Neuroblastoma to the Novel Kinase Inhibitor Cabozantinib Is Mediated by ERK Inhibition.  Cancer Chemotherapy & Pharmacology.  76(5): 977-87.  PMID:  26407819

                     Zhang, L., S. Agarwal, J.M. Shohet, and P.E. Zage.  2015.  CD114 Expression Mediates Melanoma Tumor Cell Growth and Treatment Resistance.  Anticancer Research.  35(7): 3787-92.  PMID: 26124323.

                     Zhang, H., J. Dou, Y. Fan, Y. Yu, J. Cheng, X. Xu, W. Liu, Y. Zhao, S. Guan, Z. Chen, Y. Shi, R. Patel, S.A. Vasudevan, P.E. Zage, H. Zhang, J.G. Nuchtern, E.S. Kim, S. Fu, and J. Yang.  2015.  mTOR ATP-Competitive Inhibitor INK128 Inhibits Neuroblastoma Growth Via Blocking mTORC Signaling.  Apoptosis.  20(1): 50-62.  PMID:  25425103

                     Scorsone, K.S., L. Zhang, S.E. Woodfield, J. Hicks, and P.E. Zage.  2014.  The Novel Kinase Inhibitor EMD1214063 Is Effective Against Neuroblastoma.  Investigational New Drugs.  32: 815-24.  PMID:  24832869

                     Brown, B.S., T. Patanam, K. Mobli, C. Celia, P.E. Zage, A.J. Bean, E. Tasciotti.  2014.  Etoposide-Loaded Immunoliposomes as Active Targeting Agents for GD2 Positive Malignancies.  Cancer Biology & Therapy.  15: 851-61.  PMID:  24755919

                     Stricker, T., A. Morales La Madrid, A. Chlenski, L. Guerrero, H.R. Salwen, Y. Gosiengfiao, E.J. Perlman, W. Furman, A. Bahrami, J.M. Shohet, P.E. Zage, J. Hicks, H. Shimada, R. Suganuma, J.R. Park, S. So, W.B. London, P. Pytel, K.H. Maclean, and S.L. Cohn.  2014.  Validation of a Prognostic Multi-gene Signature in High-risk Neuroblastoma using the High Throughput Digital Nanostring nCounterTM System.  Molecular Oncology.  8: 669-78.  PMID:  24560446

                     Sirisaengtaksin N., M. Gireud, Q. Yan, Y. Kubota, D. Meza, J. Waymire, P.E. Zage, and A.J. Bean.  2014.  UBE4B Couples Ubiquitination and Sorting Machineries to Enable EGFR Degradation.  Journal of Biological Chemistry.  289: 3026-39. PMID: 24344129

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                     Zage, P.E.*, R. Nolo*, W. Fang, J. Stewart, G. Garcia-Manero, and P.A. Zweidler-McKay.  2012.  Notch Pathway Activation Induces Neuroblastoma Tumor Cell Growth Arrest.  Pediatric Blood & Cancer.  58: 682-9.  PMID:  21744479

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                     Zage, P.E. and A.J. Bean.  2012.  Growth Factor Receptor Trafficking as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Pediatric Cancer.   Frontiers in Biology.  7 (1):  1-13.  (Cover Picture)

                     Singh, A., C. Rokes, M. Gireud, S. Fletcher, J. Baumgartner, G. Fuller, J. Stewart, P. Zage, and V. Gopalakrishnan.  2011.  Retinoic Acid Induces REST Degradation and Neuronal Differentiation by Modulating the Expression of SCF-TRCP in Neuroblastoma Cells.  Cancer.  117: 5189-202.  PMID:  21523764.

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                     Richards, K.N., P.A. Zweidler-McKay, N. Van Roy, F. Speleman, J. Trevino, P.E. Zage, and D.P.M. Hughes.  2010.  Signaling of ERBB Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Promotes Neuroblastoma Growth In Vitro and In Vivo.  Cancer. 116: 3233-43.  PMID:  20564646.

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