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Dr. Quinton Lab - Cystic Fibrosis and Obstructive Airway Research Laboratory

Quinton Lab Team

Quinton Lab Members: (left or right) Guillermo Flores, Ruth Muchekehu, MM Reddy, Kirk Taylor, AK Shamshuddin, Paul Quinton, Joanne Albrecht, Abi Garcia, Jessie Yang, Kevin Shaw (not shown)

Research Program

The research of this Laboratory is focused to better understand the roles fluid, electrolyte, and mucus movements of epithelia in Cystic Fibrosis and other obstructive lung diseases. We apply electrophysiological, imaging, micro-manipulation, molecular biological and biochemical approaches to investigate the mechanisms of normal and pathophysiological functions in affected epithelia. Studies include sweat gland, airway,reproductive, and gastrointestinal intestinal organs with an emphasis on native tissue ex vivo. Specific interests include the control and role of CFTR (the defective protein expressed in Cystic Fibrosis), in ion secretion and absorption processes, and the interaction of electrolytes with mucins. We specialize in multiple forms of micro-techniques to pursue.