Pulmonary Research

James Hagood, MD, the Division Chief, studies the molecular regulation of fibroblast phenotypes in pulmonary fibrotic disease and lung alveolarization. He also studies the roles and regulation of Thy-1, a critical modulator of cellular phenotype, and epigenetic/epigenomic alterations in lung development and disease, and targeted therapy for diffuse lung diseases.

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Gabriel Haddad, MD, studies the role of ion channels in nerve cells in a low O2 environment. He is also interested in the genetics of susceptibility or tolerance to low or high O2 and the role of gene expression in excitable tissues. He also studies obstructive sleep apnea and the role of hypoxia and hypercapnia on growth and development.

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Paul Quinton, PhD investigates the effects of the genetic defects in fluid and electrolyte transport in cystic fibrosis on pathophysiology in the airways, intestine, and sweat glands in cystic fibrosis and related diseases.

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