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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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15).  Ye M, Geddis A, Perryman MB, and Grossfeld P. Deletion of JAM-C, a candidate gene for heart defects in Jacobsen syndrome, results in a normal cardiac phenotype in mice. Am J Med Genet A. 2009 Jul;149A(7):1438-4

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Book Chapters

1).  Grossfeld PD:  The genetics of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, Hanai Heinnein (ed).  2002

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5).  Burke TJ; Arnold PE; Gordon J; Grossfeld PD; Schrier RW. Functional and cellular protection by a slow channel calcium blocker in ischemic acute renal failure.  Acute renal failure. Schrier RW (ed) (1984).

Invited Papers

1).  Genetic basis of heart defects in Jacobsen syndrome.  Proceedings of the Takao Meeting on Cardiac Development (2016).

2).  Grossfeld P  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome:  New genetic insights.  JACC  2008.Invited guest editorial

3).  Grossfeld P.  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome:  It's all in the genes.  JACC.  2007 (October).  Invited guest editorial.

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