​pgltools​Pgltools is a genomic arithmetic software suite designed for working with paired-loci genomic data, such as contacts from a Hi-C or ChIA-PET experiment. Pgltools is available both as a tool suite for the UNIX command line, and as a python module.github
​Mutascope​Mutascope is a software suite designed to analyze data from high throughput sequencing of PCR amplicons, with an emphasis on normal-tumor comparison for the accurate and sensitive identification of low prevalence mutations.SourceForge
​A program suite for filtering false somatic mutations from FFPE tumor sequencing data​This program suite consists of 4 PERL programs made to identify and remove potential false positive somatic variants caused by FFPE DNA damage on next-generation sequencing data. The suite includes explanations of all command-line options for each program and an idea of basic usage.Yost et al.