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Clinical Research Seminar Series

​2020 Presentation Schedule

​September 29, 2020
​The Ethics of Research Consent in the Age of COVID
​Mary Devereaux, PhD
​October 20, 2020
​Monique M. Teixeira, JD, CHRC
​November 17, 2020
​MTAs/DUAs in Research
Jeff Warner
Erin Zardouzian

Past Presentations

September 22, 2020
How to Promote and Disseminate your Study/Findings and How to Talk to the Press
Carlos Delgado, APIO
August 25, 2020
​Health Informatics 
Andy Richardson, MS
June 23, 2020
​Industry Sponsored Trials
John Bradley, MD
Sara Hingtgen
May 26, 2020
​MTAs/DUAs in Research
​Jeff Warner
Erin Zardouzian
April 28, 2020
Monique M. Teixeira, JD, CHRC
​March 24, 2020
​Research Data Opportunities/Tools
​Mike Hogarth, PhD
​​February 25, 2020
​Jack Gilbert, PhD
​January 28, 2020
Genomics Institute
​Charlotte Hobbs, MD, PhD, MS
October 29, 2019
​Research/Recruiting Minority Populations
Paula Aristizabal, MD, MAS
September 17, 2019
​Budgeting and Managing Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials
​Joey Principato
June 18, 2019
​Research Data Security
​Elliot James
May 21, 2019
​Randomized Clinical Trials
​Adriana Tremoulet, MD, MAS
April 23, 2019

​Data Safety and Monitoring

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​Kathryn A. Gold, MD
March 19, 2019
​Leveraging EHR Data for Research
​Julie Ryu, MD
​February 19, 2019

​Ethical Issues in Clinical Research

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​Mike Kalichman, PhD
January 29, 2019

​Sleep Medicine in Clinical Research

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​Rakesh Bhattacharjee, MD
November 6, 2018
​Ignorance is Not Bliss: The Need for Better Data on Medication Safety in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
​Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH
October 23, 2018

​Real-Time Data Capture with REDCap: An Overview of Application Usage and Instrument Design for Clinical Research

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​Andrew Richardson, MS
September 18, 2018

​Monitoring, Auditing, & Compliance

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​Venise Shazier
Joan Pancheri RN, BSN, CCRC
​August 21, 2018

​From Classroom to Clinician: How Bioengineering Research and Design Impacts Clinical Medicine

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​Adam Engler, PhD
June 19, 2018

​Investigational Drug Service Pharmacy at Rady Children's Hospital

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​Huonggian Jane Doung, PharmD
May 29, 2018

​Adverse Events, Unanticipated Problems, and Protocol Deviations

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​Anthony Magit, MD, PhD
Andrew Walton
​April 26, 2018
​The Frozen Zoo: Evolution of a Unique Resource for Biodiversity Discover, Conservation, and Genetic Rescue
​Oliver Ryder, PhD
March 20, 2018

​Multi-Site Clinical Trials: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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​Jane C. Burns, MD
February 17, 2018

​Optimizing Drug Dosing in Pediatrics through Clinical Pharmacology

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​Jennifer Le, PharmD, MAS, FIDSA, FCSHIP, BCPS-ID
November 14, 2017
​Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research
​Jennifer Ford, MBA
September 19, 2017

​From Bedside to Keyboard: How Informatics Translates Clinical Data into Research

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​Andy Richardson
August 22, 2017

​To Rely or Not to Rely...That is the Question

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​Anthony Magin, MD, PhD
​May 23, 2017

​How a Drug Gets Made: The Role of Universities and Hospitals in the Development of New Treatments

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​Chris Loryman
​April 18, 2017

​QI Research: Who Cares? (Why You Should)

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​Erin Stucky Fisher, MD
​March 28, 2017
​How to Sale Through the IRB
​Jane C. Burns, MD
​February 21, 2017

​Successful Steps to Conducting Research with Minority Populations

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​Howard Taras, MD
Beverly Carlson, PhD, RN, CNS, FAHA
​January 24, 2017

​HIPAA and Research

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​Andrew Walton, CLS, CHRC
​November 8, 2016

​Grantsmanship: Tips for Writing a Successful Research Proposal

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​Victor Nizet, MD
October 18, 2016

​Statistical Considerations in Pediatrics Clinical Trials

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​Jiayi Hou, PhD
​September 20, 2016

​Minimally Invasive Research Strategies

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​George Chiang, MD
​June 21, 2016

​Ethical Issues in Sequencing the Newborn

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​Mary Devereaux, PhD
​October 20, 2015

​Biorepositories Transforming Research

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​Tina Chambers, MD, PhD
​September 22, 2015

​The Use of Good Clinical Practices

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​The Research Compliance Team
​August 25, 2015

​The IRB Process: Tips and Awareness

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​Casey Cox
​June 23, 2015

​Getting Out the R in the HER

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​Ruth Bush, PhD, MPH
​April 19, 2015

​Mobile Technology in Pediatrics Clinical Research: Current Practices and Future Research Directions

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​Jeannie Huang, MD, MPH
​April 7, 2015

​Statistical Issues in Designing Pediatrics Clinical Trials

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​Sonia Jain, PhD
​February 24, 2015

​Budgeting & Managing Sponsor Initiated Clinical Trials

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​Kyle Nakanishi
Adam Fisher