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Resident Wellness Coalition

Composed of residents, chief residents and Associate Program Director, Lisa Stellwagen, this group focuses on the wellness and well-being of our residents. They select various activities to participate in outside of the hospital, including rock climbing, kayaking and healthy cooking classes. This group coordinated a new refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks available to the residents 24 hours a day. A monthly, hour-long noon conference is dedicated to wellness which covers topics like financial planning, compassion fatigue in medicine, mindless crafts, pet-therapy, massages, and bonding time with co-residents.

Professional Wellness

CPR for the Soul - "Compassion, Peace and Renewal"


  • For education and awareness of caregiver stress, offers training on coping skills, self-care skills, increasing mindfulness of stress levels and how to decrease them.
Improved evaluation processes
Faculty mentorship program
Protected learning time
Daily educational conferences
Monthly half-day block education sessions
Cultural Immersion Days
Art of Medicine
  • Resident-led discussion based on art, publications, stories, etc relating to humanism in medicine

Physical Wellness

UCSD Wellness Blog - information about wellness programs, exercise, discounts and nutrition.

Healthy snacks stocked in the resident workrooms
UCSD discounts at local gyms/yoga studios
Fatigue mitigation protocol
Dental and primary care provider directories
Resident soccer team
Additional Resources available on the Intranet
  • Access while on Rady campus or via
  • Benefits Page
    • Employee Discounts
    • Healthy Connections - offers a variety of resources for nutrition, exercise and stress reduction

Emotional Wellness

Healer Education Assessment and Referral (HEAR) Program

  • HEAR Website
  • Offers confidential and anonymous online screening for stress and depression followed by recommended follow up and/or assessment based on screening results.
  • UCSD Program Counselors - available during business hours: 858-642-3913
  • San Diego Access & Crisis Line: 800-724-7240
  • National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Hotline: 800-273-TALK
  • If you are in crisis, please contact 911
Physician Well-being Committee
  • Robin Seaberg, MD (Chairman): 858-534-8093 or
  • Dedicated to recognizing and offering assistance to physicians who have problems with substance abuse  or physical or mental illness, which impair their ability to practice safely and effectively
  • Confidentiality will be assured depending upon the severity of the situation and the immediate risk to patient safety.
Weekly mindfulness classes at Jacobs Medical Center
Mental health provider directories
On-campus clinical psychology office hours for residents at RCHSD
Mind Studio-Noon conference series on psychology themes in residency and patient care (conflict resolution, motivational interviewing, cognitive bias)
Health hours-designated monthly time blocks to attend to health needs
Participation in the national APPD resident burnout project

UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Social Wellness

Class retreats
Residency Holiday Party
Mid-year Chief brunch
San Diego Housestaff Association quarterly happy hour
  • social get-together with UCSD residents from all subspecialties
Pediatric Resident Wellness Coalition sponsored events
  • Funds available for residents to plan social activities like going to a Padres game, karaoke, beach bonfire, movie nights
Pediatricians and Community Collaborating Together (PACCT) Events
  • Film nights, theater nights, and other events
Rady Social Network 

Additional Community Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous - San Diego

Narcotics Anonymous - San Diego

Mental Health America of San Diego County