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Research Faculty & Mentors

Allergy/Immunology/ Rheumatology

  • Jane Burns, MD (Biomarkers in Kawasaki's Disease)
  • Seema Aceves, MD, PhD (Tissue remodeling in Eosinophilic Esophagitis)
  • Hal Hoffman, MD (Periodic Fever Syndrome)
  • Anthony Horner, MD (Environmental Influences in Pediatric Asthma)
  • Alessandra Franco, MD, PhD (B-Cell-T-Cell Crosstalk)


  • John Moore, MD, MPH ( STARFlex Septal Occlusion System in ASD, Catheterization Outcomes, Congenital Cardiovascular Interventional Study Consortium)
  • Christopher Davis, MD, PhD (Exercise Physiology, Sudden Death Syndrome in Athletes)
  • Paul Grossfeld, MD (Jacobsen Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome)
  • Sanjeet Hegde, MD, PhD (Cardiac MRI guided intervention)
  • Vishal Nigam, MD (Signaling Pathways in Hypoplastic Left-Heart Syndrome)
  • Kanishka Ratnayake, MD (Cardiac MRI)

Child Development and Community Health

  • Sheila Gahagan, MD, MPH (Biopsychosocial Determinants of Obesity/Cardiovascular Risk)
  • Shelia Broyles, PhD, MPH (San Diego EXPORT, Adaptation of Nutrition/Education)
  • Sandra Daley, MD (San Diego EXPORT, Health Disparities)
  • Patricia East, PhD (Effects of Adolescent Child-Bearing, Teen Violence)
  • Howard Taras, MD (School Health)
  • Martin T. Stein, MD (ADHD, Early Recognition of Developmental and Behavioral Conditions)
  • Maria Zuniga, PhD (Health Care Access and Utilization for Border Health, Latinos Living with HIV)

Critical Care

  • Brad Peterson, MD (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Susan Duthie, MD (Evaluation of Code Blue Data in External Trauma)
  • Brock Fischer, MD (Research Director for Critical Care)
  • Sandeep Khanna, MD (Pressure Monitoring in Critically Ill Patients)


  • Lawrence Eichenfield, MD (Atopic Dermatitis and Risk Factors)
  • Magdalene Dohil, MD (Therapeutic Treatments in Eczema)
  • Sheila Fallon-Friedlander, MD (Vascular Lesions, Hemangiomas)
  • Wynnis Tom, MD (T-Cell Signaling Psoriasis)

Emergency Medicine

  • Paul Ishimine, MD (Pediatrics Fevers)
  • John Kanegaye, MD ( Kawasaki's Disease)


  • Michael Gottschalk, MD, PhD (Immune Modulation of Type 1 Diabetes, IGF-1 Therapy in Deficient Children, Beta-Cell Function in Type 1 Diabetes)
  • Alberto Hayek, MD (Pancreatic Modeling from Human Stem Cells)
  • Ulupi Jhala, PhD (Signaling Cascades and Regulation of Beta Cells)
  • Jane Kim, MD (Fox01 in Insulin Resistance)
  • Karen Klein, MD (Racial Diversity and Obesity Impact in Pubertal Onset)
  • Maike Sander, MD (Pancreatic Progenitor Beta-Cell and Development)
  • Jianhua Shao, MD, PhD (Transcriptional Regulation of Adiponectic Gene Expression)


  • Ranjan Dohil, MD, (Cystinosis, Pathogenesis and Treatment; Budesonide Treatment of EE)
  • Kerri Boutelle, PhD (Behavioral issues in Obesity, Interventions for Overweigh Adolescents)
  • Jeannie Huang, MD, MPH (Weight Management in ALL Survivors, Text use in Adolescent Health Management, Health Literacy in IBD)
  • Sherry Huang, MD (Genetics of Pediatric Polyposis Cancer Syndromes)
  • Mamata Sivagnanam, MD ( Congenital tufting enteropathy)
  • Jeff Schwimmer, MD (NAFLD, NASH, Risk and Treatment Options in Obesity)

General Academic Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

  • Brett Pickering, MD (Special Needs Primary Care)
  • Joyce Adams, MD (Teen Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders, Normative Anogenital Anatomy)
  • Eyla Boies, MD (Breastfeeding the Pre-term Infant)
  • Nancy Graff, MD ( Residency Training in Primary Care)
  • Karen Loper, MD (Adolescent Health and Violence Prevention)
  • Lyndia Willies-Jacobo, MD (Cultural Competence and Sensitivity in Pediatrics)


  • Albert La Spada, MD, PhD ( Molecular Genetics of Neurodegenerative Diseases)
  • Lynne Bird, MD ( Rare Diseases and New Therapy)
  • Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH (Autoimmune Diseases in Pregnancy, National Children's Study, Nutrition Risk Factors in FASD in Russia)
  • Pam Itkin-Ansari, MD (Drug Development for Beta-Cell Regeneration)
  • Marilyn Jones, MD (Birth Defects and Developmental Disorders)
  • Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Birth Defect Patterns, California Teratogenic Program, Maternal Dietary Fat in Gastroschisis)
  • Alysson Muotri, PhD (Neuronohomeostasis Autistic Spectrum Disorders)
  • Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD (Alpers Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disease in Autism
  • Bill Nyhan, MD, PhD (Center for Lesch-Nyhan Disease)

Genome Information Sciences

  • Kelly Frazer, PhD (Cancer Diagnostics)


  • Donald Durden, MD, PhD (PTEN Targets in Cancer Syndromes)
  • Bill Roberts, MD (Chemotherapy for Low-Grade Astrocytoma, Recurrent Neuroblastoma and Medullablastoma, Tumor Lysis Syndrome in ALL)
  • Eric Anderson, MD (Stem Cell Transplantation, Neuro-oncology Research)
  • Jenny Kim, MD (Sickle Cell Disease, Treatment for PNET and Medullablastoma)
  • Amy Lovejoy, MD (Hemophilia and von Willebrand's Disease)
  • Deborah Schiff, MD (Refractory ALL Therapy)
  • Jennifer Willert, MD (Progression of Neuroblastoma)

Hospital Medicine

  • Erin Stucky, MD (Pediatric Research in the Inpatient Setting)
  • Cindy Kuelbs, MD (Child and Family Maltreatment)
  • Daniel Hershey, MD (Sports Injury in Adolescence)
  • Ami Doshi, MD (Palliative care)

Infectious Disease

  • Steve Spector, MD (Host-viral Interactions)
  • John Bradley, MD (Clinical trials of Antibacterials, Antifungals, and novel therapies in MRSA)
  • Alice Pong, MD (Phase 4 clinical trials on Treatment of Tuberculosis)
  • Mark Sawyer, MD (Immunization delivery, compliance and education)


    • Lars Bode, PhD (Glycobiology, Neonatal Nutrition and NEC)
    • Greg Heldt, MD (Surfactant replacement therapys; pathogenesis of GBS sepsis)
    • Farhad Imam, MD, PhD (Molecular and genetic response to stress)
    • Jae Kim, MD, PhD (Neonatal Bowel Injury: modalities for diagnosis and treatment)
    • Lance Prince, MD, PhD (Neonatal lung disease)


    • Robert Mak, MD, PhD (Uremic cachexia and osteodystrophy; biomarkers for VUR)
    • Sanjay Nigam, MD, PhD (Embryonic Kidney Development)
    • Vivian Reznik, MD (Prenatal Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Congenital Renal Disorders)
    • Elizabeth Ingulli, MD (Transplant Immunology)
    • Peter Jorgin, MD (Erythropoietin and Anemia)


    • Doris Trauner, MD (Neurodevelopmental Disorders)
    • Jonathan Bui, MD, PhD (Neuroimaging and Vascular and Behavioral Neurology)
    • Jennifer Friedman, MD (Movement Disorders)
    • Joe Gleeson, MD, PhD (Neurogenetic Disorders)
    • Carla Grossman, MD (Neuromuscular Disorders and Electromyography)
    • Richard Haas, MD (Neurometabolic Disorders)
    • David Lieberman, MD, PhD (Role of Synapse Formation and Function in Neurodevelopmental Disorders)
    • Mark Nespeca, MD (Childhood Epilepsy)

    Pharmacology and Drug Discoveries

    • Rob Knight, PhD (Microbiome, Computational Biology)
    • Victor Nizet, MD (Microbial Pathogenesis and the Innate Immune System)
    • Brookie Best, PharmD (Antiretroviral Agents)
    • Edmund Caparelli, PharmD (Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling)
    • Adriana Tremoulet, MD, MAS; (Pharmacology of Antiinfective Agents)

    Respiratory Medicine

    • Gabriel Haddad, MD (Role of Ion Channels in Nerve Cells in Hypoxic Environment)
    • Jim Hagood, MD (Signaling Pathways in Pulmonary Fibrosis)
    • Robert Douglas, PhD (Role of Reactive Oxygen Species)
    • Mark Pian, MD (Translational and Clinical Research in Cystic Fibrosis)
    • Paul Quinton, PhD (Transport Defects in CF)
    • Julie Ryu, MD (Hypercapnia and Lung Development and Function) ​

    One of our Department’s highlights is a strong academic program with readily-available opportunities and support to do clinical or bench research. The teaching clinical faculty are exceptional, and truly care about resident education and quality of life.
    - Dr. Grant Keeney, Chief Resident, ’10-‘11