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Resident Spotlights

Brief overview of your life: I've been a bit of a traveler - both sides of my family are from Imperial County, but I've lived on the West Coast, East Coast, in Texas, in Mexico, and even in China. I was a business analyst briefly following undergrad while I finished a post-baccalaureate before finally ending up at UCSD for medical school, and now again for residency.

An interesting factoid about yourself: I am a Mexican Muslim who speaks Mandarin.

Why you chose pediatrics: How can you not choose pediatrics!? From a medical perspective, the pathologies of childhood illness are just as fascinating, if not more, than those of adults. From a social perspective, I love engaging with new parents and kids of all ages and looking for opportunities to provide those early interventions that can potentially have a lifelong impact. From a high-five perspective, there's just no comparison...

Why you chose UCSD and why it was the right choice for you:  "Beautiful sunny San Diego" blah blah blah, let's get one thing straight: the inside of a hospital looks like the inside of a hospital. Don't get me wrong, I love that on my days off I can enjoy beaches, mountains, parks, even SNOW, but as a medical student here I got to know the amazing people we work with and the amazing patients that we serve. I love being able to speak Spanish with one patient and Mandarin with the next, and if you don't speak either of those don't worry, there's plenty of English to go around, too.

What you like doing in San Diego outside the hospital: I really enjoy spending time with my wife, whether it be cooking, gardening, or watching TV shows about cooking or gardening. We recently got an amateur telescope and have been doing some nice moon and planet viewing, too.  

Your career plans: I plan on practicing general pediatrics, maybe in an academic setting, but definitely need to get my well child checks!