Shift Models

Wards Model
Our primary inpatient wards experience is at Rady Children's Hospital San Diego.  We have 4 teams for the majority of the year and expand to 5 teams during the winter.  Each team cares for general pediatric patients on the hospitalist service.  In addition, each team is also paired with one or more subspecialty services as below. This allows our residents to gain broad exposure to a variety of general and subspecialty diagnoses early in their residency.

Yellow (two 2nd-year residents)Nephrology and Kawasaki Disease
Red (one senior resident and two interns)Endocrinology and Neurology
Green (one senior resident and two interns)Gastroenterology
Blue (one senior resident and two interns)Pulmonology

The wards experience is separated into day teams and night teams.

When on the Night Wards rotation, residents will focus on admitting patients only, the currently admitted patients are cared for by an overnight Senior Resident.  Each team member can admit hospitalists patients as well as subspecialists patients. The Night Team will present to the Day Team during rounds the following day in order to facilitate thorough hand-offs and gaining real-time teaching from attendings. The night team is made up of 4 team members:

  • One Supervising Senior Resident
  • One 2nd-Year Resident (with increased autonomy)
  • Two Interns

NICU Model
Residents working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the UCSD Medical Center will also be on a shift model. The NICU team will typically consist of 1 senior resident and 2-3 interns for a total of 3-4 residents on at any given time. During the 4 weeks on the NICU rotation, each resident will spend some time doing night shifts from 6:30 pm until 7:30 am helping to cover all the neonates, as well as attending deliveries and new admissions.