All rotations focus on:

1. Teaching fellows to independently provide current, high-quality comprehensive diagnosis, case management, treatment, and genetic counseling for patients and their families with or at risk for genetic and possibly genetic disorders and birth defects. 

2. Expanding fellow knowledge about the above conditions including pathophysiology, etiology, mechanism, differential diagnosis testing, therapeutic modalities, community resources, and the impact of conditions upon families.

3. Guiding fellows in obtaining current information on genetics and genetic disorders with the goal of instilling a love of scientific inquiry and lifetime learning.

4. Preparing fellows to function as leaders of a medical genetics team, to work collaboratively with other health care providers, to develop a sense of professionalism, and to cultivate ethical behavior.

5. Increasing fellow ability to function as an educator about genetics at all levels.

6. Enabling fellows to evaluate critically scientific investigation and to develop a clinical or basic research interest of their own. 

Medical Genetics Fellow Block Schedule Year One


Medical Genetics Fellow Block Schedule Year Two