The purpose of the UCSD Medical Genetics Residency is to train physicians capable of performing the wide variety of functions required of the medical geneticist be that in an academic, commercial, or private practice setting. The program has been fortunate in that its small size has allowed the Program Director to tailor training to meet the individual needs of a resident. For example, previous residents have focused on inborn errors of metabolism whereas others have concentrated on dysmorphology and teratology. Much of the specializing comes in the 2nd and highly suggested research 3rd year during which most residents continue some patient activities. Residents attain general competencies as outlined by the RRC for Medical Genetics in the areas of patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal skills & communication, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and systems-based practice.

During the course of the two-year program, residents will have experience in research. For some, this will be clinical research. For others, it will be bench research. The program is flexible enough to accommodate both types of experience.

Program Director

Miguel del Campo, MD, PhD
email: midelcampo@ucsd.edu

Program Coordinator

Kira Chaiboonma
Phone: 858-246-1616
email: kchaiboonma@ucsd.edu