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Eligibility Criteria for Certification in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

(published July 2001 by the American Board of Pediatrics)

The ABP has established a procedure for certification in pediatric infectious diseases. In addition to the specific admission requirements listed below, there are general eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled to be eligible for certification.

It should be noted that these criteria are subject to change without notice. All applicants are advised to contact the ABP to ascertain whether the information they have is current.

Admission Requirements

Physicians who enter training in pediatric infectious diseases on or after January 1, 2000, are required to complete their training in a program accredited for training in pediatric infectious diseases by the RRC for Pediatrics in the United States or the RCPSC in Canada.

A subspecialty fellow entering pediatric infectious diseases training before January 1, 1995, may apply for admission on the basis of completion of 2 years of fellowship training in pediatric infectious diseases.
Three years of full-time, broad-based fellowship training in pediatric infectious diseases is required for fellows entering training on or after January 1, 1995. Combined absences/leave in excess of 3 months during the 3 years of training, whether for vacation, parental leave, illness, etc, must be made up. If the program director believes that combined absences/leave that exceeds 3 months is justified, a letter of explanation should be sent by the director for review by the Credentials Committee.

For a fellow beginning pediatric infectious diseases training on or after January 1, 1995, the following must be accomplished in order to become certified in the subspecialty: a Verification of Competence Form must be completed by the program director(s) stating satisfactory completion of the required training as well as verification of clinical competence and meaningful accomplishment in research; the fellow must meet the criteria stated in the "Principles Regarding the Assessment of Meaningful Accomplishment in Research"; and he/she must pass the subspecialty certifying examination. Verification of meaningful accomplishment in research will not be required for individuals who began training before January 1, 1995.

A fellow beginning part-time training after January 1, 1995, may complete the required training on a part-time basis not to exceed 6 years. No continuous absence of more than 1 year will be permitted.
Only those pediatric infectious diseases training programs that are operated in association with general comprehensive pediatric residency programs accredited by the RRC or the RCPSC are acceptable. All subspecialty training must be completed in the United States or Canada unless the Credentials Committee of the Subboard has given approval for foreign subspecialty training to an applicant before he/she enrolls in such a program. An applicant wishing to obtain such approval should contact the ABP.

No credit will be given for subspecialty training during the core residency.

Prospective and Current Fellows: Click on the icon below to download a .PDF file of the ABP Subspecialty Certifying Examination Content Outline prepared by the Subboard of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.