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Research in Progress

A monthly talk series emphasizing graduate students, postdoctoral trainees and junior faculty actively working on an antimicrobial resistance project. These talks are intended to be works in progress, yet to be published work with the intention of gathering feedback and new ideas from this forum. Re-launching in January 2022, CHARM Research in Progress are held monthly on Thursdays, in BRF2 4103 from 9am  - 10am.

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Research in Progress:

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Previous Research in Progress

November 2019

​Xiaoli Wei, PhD
​Romana Gerner, MD, PhD

​Liangfang Zhang Lab
​Manuela Raffatellu Lab
​"Multiantigenic Nanotoxoid for Antivirulence Vaccination against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria"
​"Siderophore immunization as a novel strategy to target enteric pathogens"

December 2019

​Da Shi
​Katherine Bauman
​Ruben Abagyan Lab
​Bradley Moore Lab
"First molecules targeting RfaH, a two-faced bacterial transcription processivity factor"
​"Refactoring a cryptic biosynthetic gene cluster to produce unusual streptophenazine antibiotics"

February 2020

​Lisa Marotz
​Alison Vrbanac

Karsten Zengler & Rob Knight Labs​ ​Rob Knight & Victor Nizet Labs
​"Why drool rules: using saliva to probe the human microbiome"
​"Organism-wide changes in the Metabolome and Microbiome following a single dose of Antibiotics"

March 2020

​Andrés Valderrama, PhD
​Vladimir Lazetic, D.V.M, PhD

Victor Nizet Lab
​​Emily Troemel Lab
​"Pro-Active Genetics: a CRISPR/Cas9-based Gene Drive System in Bacteria"
"The Role of the bZIP Transcription Factor ZIP-1 in the Intracellular Pathogen Response of C. elegans"​