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Current Research

At the Division of Child Development and Community Health, we have 5 areas of collaborative research. Many of the Division’s research projects integrate our faculty members’ expertise within the following thematic areas:

  1. Parenting and Family Processes
  2. Determinants and Consequences of Childhood Obesity
  3. Understanding and Reducing Health Disparities in Youth
  4. Educating the Next Generation in Child Development and Community Health
  5. Working with Community Partners to Improve Child Development and Health

The Pediatric Center for Community Health performs NIH-funded research concerning health disparities in children and youth related to obesity, HIV/AIDS, adolescent pregnancy, and youth violence. Our research addresses important and high prevalence health problems at local, national and international levels. In addition, we are NIH-and HRSA-funded to increase the number of individuals from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds entering health professions. Furthermore, our Program Project supports pilot grants for investigators beginning new initiatives related to health disparities.