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Patient Referral

Referrals for Specialty Services

There may be times when your child may need to be referred to a Pediatric Specialist. Pediatric specialists are physicians who dedicate themselves to helping children with specific medical or surgical needs. Like pediatricians, they have completed medical school and residency programs, but also have additional in-depth fellowship training to focus on the clinical and research aspects of their specialty.

The goal of the referral process is to ensure that patients are provided with an appropriate level of authorized quality care in a timely manner. We will facilitate all referrals for specialty services. Some insurance carriers require us to obtain authorization for the referral prior to the specialty appointment. Depending on your coverage, the authorization for specialty services may take one to two weeks for a non-urgent referral. You will be notified of the approval once we receive it. We will then provide you with the telephone number to call to schedule the appointment.

For specific information on the status of a referral, please contact the referral coordinator at: (858) 496 4800

New Prescriptions

In the majority of cases, new prescriptions cannot be written without a physician examining your child.


If you have existing refills on your prescription, please contact your pharmacy directly. If you have no remaining refills, please contact the office. Note: It may take up to 48-hours for your refill request to be completed. Do not wait until your child’s prescription has run out before calling.