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Community Experiences

‚ÄčCommunity Pediatrics Cultural Immersion Days
Designed to help physicians deliver the highest level of culturally-effective care, the UCSD Community Pediatrics Residency Program offers unique training experiences for physicians called Cultural Immersion Days. Each year of training, DBP fellows are required to attend at least one Cultural Immersion Day, which are designed to educated physicians through unique interactions with community members. In 2017-18, Cultural Immersion days featured the following topics, cultures and identities: LGBTQ+, food insecurity, traditional Mexican healing practices and access to healthcare on the US-Mexico border, and military populations.

School visits and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings

Block 1 for First Year Fellow: Community Resources
During the first month of training, the DBP fellow is immersed in community resources in San Diego. The DBP fellow spends time with a variety of sites, some clinical and some  observational.  Please refer to Other Clinical Experiences for further site descriptions.