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Institutional Internal Conferences and Other Local Conferences

Fellow’s Conference

Weekly conference for DBP fellows and faculty. Didactic topics and cases are presented and discussed. Research training, ongoing research projects, and quality improvement are discussed. Clinical core competencies of the fellowship curriculum are addressed in this conference.  

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Weekly lecture hosted by Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego and the Department of Pediatrics of UC San Diego School of Medicine.  Lectures offer current information in the field of Pediatrics about the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases. 

Child Psychiatry Joint Conference

Monthly joint conference with DBP and Child Psychiatry programs. DBP Fellows present case every other month. Both DBP faculty and fellows attend conference. 

Challenging Cases in DBP

Monthly interactive case discussions with faculty and fellows.  Fellows present or participate in case discussions.  Fellows are also involved in teaching residents during this interactive case discussion.

Journal Club

Monthly interactive article discussion with faculty and fellows.  Fellows present or participate in discussions.  Examples of past topics discussed include (but are not limited to): DBP support of Medical Home for Children with ASD, Omega 3 Fatty Acids Supplementation and ADHD, Adolescents and Vaping Use.  

Autism Series

Seminar series led by the RCHSD Autism Discovery Institute, designed to be an introduction to different aspects and management of autism spectrum disorders.  

Child Psychiatry Series: Crash Course

Introduction courses offered by the Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. DBP fellow attends during the first block of Year 1. Topics may include: child development, psychopharmacology, forensics, and psychological testing. 

Pediatric Department-Wide Research Series

Mandatory UCSD Department of Pediatrics research seminar for fellows. These didactic, monthly seminars provide research training and presentations. 

External Conferences 

Fellows are funded to attend several important annual conferences/meetings