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San Diego Summer Fun Cafe Program Expands To Fill Nutrition Gap​


For nearly a dozen years now the San Diego Unified School District and city parks department have been filling the summer nutrition gap.
One out of every four schoolchildren in San Diego are eligible for the city’s free lunch program, but during the summer these kids lose access to one of the only meals they'll get all day.
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Wellness manager spreads good health to community


Whether it’s replacing sugary snacks in vending machines with healthier ones or organizing a community forum on how to make it easier for people to get regular exercise, Kelley Thompson is constantly on the hunt for things that will move San Diegans toward a healthier lifestyle.​


Study: Many Parents Are In Denial About Their Kids’ Obesity​

The Atlantic​

There’s a certain type of parental pride that grows from just the right combination of willful ignorance, unflagging optimism, and impressive mental gymnastics. Junior’s latest report card was less than stellar? Well, yes—he’s so smart that school just bores him. Little League game spent on the bench? The coach probably doesn’t realize the talent he has on his hands.


​​​​​​​Long Summer Days Challenging For San Diego Muslims Fasting For Ramadan


San Diego Muslims began fasting from sunup to sundown Saturday for Ramadan. The Islamic holy month follows the lunar cycle, meaning it falls on the calendar earlier each year. In recent years Muslims have had to fast during some of the hottest, longest days of the year.