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Goals and Vision

  • Development of an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, a multidisciplinary center that will provide comprehensive care for children with Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at UCSD and RCHSD has undergone marked expansion in order to provide state-of-the-art care to children with GI illnesses. Last year we increased our clinical exposure county-wide with the implementation of satellite clinical services in Escondido. We have started clinics in Encinitas and Murrietta. Our goal is to continue to improve community access in GI services.
  • Capsule endoscopy is now provided on-site.
  • Recruitments are underway to increase research in developmental biology, stem cells, inflammatory bowel disease, and motility disorders.
  • There is plan to enhance the fellowship program by maximizing the number of fellows and seeking more GI-dedicated training grant slots for fellows.
  • The Division plans to further develop mentoring support for faculty members.
  • The Celiac Disease Clinic combines the expertise of world- renowned leaders in celiac disease research with comprehensive care and management. Services are provided by pediatric gastroenterologists and nutritionists with specialized expertise.
  • Dr. Ranjan Dohil plans to evaluate dyspepsia with the newly designed entero-naso tube in collaboration with other experts in the field of probiotics to determine colonization patterns of specific probiotic agent. Dr. Dohil plans to use the tube to study bacterial colonization patterns in varying diseases such as IBD, celiacdisease, and eosinophilic disorders of the intestine.
  • Dr. Sharon Taylor intends to increase nutritional awareness by providing formal educational opportunities to the house staff and students. A "Short Gut Pathway" is near completion and will improve outcomes in hospitalized patients with intestinal failure. She is also developing an inpatient Nutrition Support Team at RCHSD.
  • With more than $8 million in external research funding relating to gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition, the division is a growing national leader in generation of new knowledge relating to the field being at the forefront of scientific research in areas such as obesity and its metabolic complications, chronic liver diseases including steatohepatitis, as well as intestinal biology and immunology.