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Week of August 24

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3080247531_561d88e2e7_o[1].jpg"UC San Diego Health Announces Interim CEO," features Patty Maysent, interim CEO, and David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, health sciences and dean, School of Medicine
See also Becker's Hospital Review, San Diego Daily Transcript and San Diego Union Tribune


patty_maysent[1].jpg"Everything You Need to Know About Precision Medicine," Popular Science, features Razelle Kurzrock, MD



Aug26_2015_Fotolia_71298725_GirlWithCancer5913718924[1].jpg"Sequenom Collaborates with Moores Cancer Center on New Liquid Biopsy Assay," GEN, features Razelle Kurzrock, MD
See also PR Newswire



Elisa-testing-cc-PAHOflickr-e1440447286714[1].jpg"New Test For Antibiotic Drug Resistance Could Be A Game Changer," Forbes, features Victor Nizet, MD







20150826_weedrush_1024[1].jpg"Roadblocks to Research," Philly.com, features Mark Wallace, MD




ff.jpg"Pharmacy Schools with Strongest NAPLEX Scores," Pharmacy Times, features Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences



05-01(562)[1].jpg"Lee Cook-jong recalls pressure of treating high-profile patient," Korea Times, features Bruce Potenza, MD








CRB2.UCSDOutpatientPavillionWEB[1].jpg"UCSD's Moores Cancer Center projects promise growth, collaboration," San Diego Daily Transcript, features Scott Lippman, MD



thWN13POE4.jpg"UC San Diego Researchers Study Prevalence Of Minors In Tijuana's Sex Trade," KPBS, features Jay Silverman, PhD







Week of August 17

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ctri_rendering[1].jpg"$52M NIH Grant Advances Clinical and Translational Research at UC San Diego," features Gary Firestein, MD, David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, Health Sciences and dean, School of Medicine, and Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH
See also Phys.org and San Diego Union Tribune


smoke1-sxc[1].jpg"Smoking Cessation Drug Not Boosting Number of Smokers Who Quit," features Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD
See also Medical News Today, San Diego 7, and The Medical News 



pkc_model_antal_callender[1].jpg"Corrected Protein Structure Reveals Drug Targets for Cancer, Neurodegenerative Diseases," features Alexandra Newton, PhD, and Susan Taylor, PhD
See also Medical News Today


hybrid_hepatocytes_Karin[1].jpg"Newly Discovered Cells Regenerate Liver Tissue Without Forming Tumors," features Michael Karin, PhD, and Joan Font-Burgada, PhD
See also The Medical News and Science Blog



James Murphy"Radiation Cost Study Shows Inefficiency of Fee-For-Service," OncLive, features James Murphy, MD, and Anthony Paravati, MD
See also MedPage Today






npr_trafficking_wide-d5b8bebb24f2a0231fd9f875988199dafa66e04a-s800-c85[1].jpg"The Underage Girls Of Mexico's Sex Trade: Hope Amid The Horror," NPR, features Jay Silverman, PhD



doucet-jayMG_2962[1].jpg"Dr. Jay Doucet on emergency procedures," CCTV America, features Jay Doucet, MD






96962be53494d7ae8a6fac956ac69111[1].jpg"Want to win a woman's heart? Fill her belly with food," CNet, features Alice Ely, PhD
See also The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post



2015_08_11_durden[1].jpg"Novel Therapeutic Agent for Pediatric Cancer Developed in Clinical Trials," Drug Discovery & Development, features Donald Durden, MD, PhD, and Scott Lippman, MD



b22d293f-6784-4eda-a3c2-848cc1a9c21a[1].jpg"Soldier's Journey to Heal Spotlights 'Soul Wounds' of War," San Diego Union Tribune, features Richard Clark, MD



AMA_AgingDoctor_WEB[1].jpg"Aging Docs: Contractor Offers Turnkey Assessment," MedPage Today, features David Bazzo, MD, and William Norcross, MD




UTI1871393_r900x493[1].jpg"Study challenges status quo in breast cancer treatment," San Diego Union Tribune, features Anne Wallace, MD



chantix[1].jpg"UC San Diego Study: Chantix Doesn't Significantly Help Smokers Quit," KPBS, features Wael Al-Delaimy, MD, PhD, and cites research by Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD



Screen_Shot_2015-08-18_at_4.10.34_PM_t1200[1].png"San Diego Gene-Sequencing Giant Illumina Launches Consumer-Focused Company," KPBS, features Kelly Frazer, PhD



MainImage_SPECKART_t1200[1].jpg"Hospitals, Medical Groups Start To Worry About Skills Of Older Doctors," KPBS, features David Bazzo, MD, and Alexander Pue, MD




football_kid_website_1_r900x493[1].jpg"Doctors treat brain injuries head-on," San Diego Union Tribune, features Howard Taras, MD



Alzteens_r900x493[1].jpg"The impact of Alzheimer's on kids," San Diego Union Tribune, features Dilip Jeste, MD




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Week of August 10

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durden_donald_0815[1].jpg"Novel Therapeutic Agent for Pediatric Cancer Developed at UC San Diego in Clinical Trials," features Donald Durden, MD, PhD, and Scott Lippman, MD
See also HealthCanal


radiology_equipment[1].jpg"Radiation Costs Vary Among Medicare Patients with Cancer," features James Murphy, MD, and Anthony Paravati, MD
See also Medical News Today, DOTmed, Medical Xpress, Oncology Nurse Advisor and ScienceDaily


dailybest.JPG"U.S. Pays for Scientology 'Experiment' on Sick Veterans," The Daily Beast, features Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD




th[3].jpg"PsychoGenics Obtains a License to Another Transgenic Mouse Model of α-Synucleinopathies," Reuters, features Eliezer Masliah, MD


HIV-AIDS[1].jpg"Mexican sex workers recruited as teens at increased risk for HIV, sexual violence," Healio, features Jay Silverman, PhD




John_Brooks_1000x707[1].jpg"Indiana HIV outbreak offers lessons about containing local outbreaks and need for harm reduction," aidsmap,  features Steffanie Strathdee, PhD




landscape-1439243805-gettyimages-143719965[1].jpg"Science: Men Get Hangry, Women Get Horngry," Esquire, features Alice Ely, PhD
See also Time and New York Daily News



physician-talking-to-patient-xray-cadence-medical-partners[1].jpg"UCSD Institute of Engineering in Medicine Partners with MEDevice San Diego on Sept. 1-2," CNBC, features UC San Diego School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences




Capture.JPG"UC's $15 minimum wage leaves out many workers," Los Angeles Times, features Michael Del Rio, custodian



SMA_DNA_cover_r900x493[1].jpg"Clinical trials may lead to a cure to SMA," San Diego Union Tribune, features Albert La Spada, MD, PhD



nw_r900x493[1].jpg"UCSD might help China design a medical school," San Diego Union Tribune, features Mounir Soliman, MD




cap2.JPG"UC San Diego mentors girls in science and medicine," CBS 8, features Jeffrey Chang, MD




3.JPG"Surfers ride waves for cancer center fundraiser," CBS 8, features Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health



10842151_771824036219050_3177643022528369879_o-250x250[1].jpg"USC, UCSD Clash Brings Flaws Forward," San Diego Business Journal, features David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, health sciences and dean, School of Medicine





Spin+at+the+Park+1[1].jpg"Spin Class, Radio-Telethon at Petco Park Benefits Cancer Research," San Diego 7, features UC San Diego Health
See also Fox Sports




Week of August 3

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thD8MJWGBS.jpg"High Rates of Violence, HIV Infection for Adolescents in Sex Trade on U.S.-Mexico Border," features Jay Silverman, PhD, and Kimberly Brouwer, PhD
See also HealthCanal, Medical Dailyand San Diego 7



ednrb_haddad[1].jpg"Genetic Adaptation Keeps Ethiopians Heart-Healthy Despite High Altitudes," features Gabriel Haddad, MD,and Tsering Stobdan, PhD
See also HealthCanalPaper Blog and Science Blog



0804BRODY-tmagArticle[1].jpg"Pregnancy Is the Best Time for Some Vaccines," The New York Times, features Mark Sawyer, MD



Barbara_Odanaka011438123570[1].jpg"It pays to read the warnings when you open up a prescription," The Washington Post, features Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD



drug_labels_090814_mv[1].jpg"New drug labels for pregnancy lauded," Contemporary Pediatrics, features Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH




marijuana-plant-leaves-150730[1].jpg"Weed: Good for the Bones?" Live Science, features Deborah Kado, MD




072215_youngdeath_THUMB_LARGE[1].jpg"Facing Death at an Early Age," Healthline News, features Scott Irwin, MD, PhD




dr._lippman_pedal_cause_t730[1].jpg"My son's cancer diagnosis brings home UCSD's Moore Cancer Center's mission to find a cure," La Jolla Light, authored by Scott Lippman, MD



UTI1868672_r900x493[1].jpg Healing is within at children's burn camp," San Diego Union Tribune, features Burn Center at UC San Diego Health



20150755ba7f533f46d[1].png"Little Grad Picnic reunites premature babies with their doctors and nurses," San Diego 6, features Jae Kim, MD, PhD, and NICU team




Capture.JPG"$2.5 Million to Train Alzheimer's, Dementia Patient Health Workers," La Jolla Patch, features UC San Diego School of Medicine



poster-22[1].jpg"San Diego film crew comes to Hesperia," Victorville Press, features Whitney Ball, program director, Center for Community Health



Weeks of July 20 and 27

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brenner_david_72915[1].jpg"Researchers Illuminate Key Role of NOX Proteins in Liver Disease," features David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, health sciences, and dean, School of Medicine
See also Reuters, Medical News Today, The Medical News, and MD Linx


385111-blood[1].jpg"New Drug for Blood Cancers Now in Five Phase II Clinical Trials," features Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD
See also Med India,Health Medicine Network, ScienceDaily and UPI


0,,16762480_303,00[1].jpg"UC San Diego Health and La Jolla Institute Announce New Affiliation," features Paul Viviano, CEO, and David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, health sciences, and dean, School of Medicine
See also Becker's Hospital ReviewSan Diego Business Journal, San Diego 7 and San Diego Union Tribune

biomed_research_facility[1].jpg"Court Rules UC San Diego is Rightful Owner of Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study Data," features David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, health sciences, and dean, School of Medicine, Gary Firestein, MD, William Mobley, MD, PhD, and Michael Rafii, MD, PhD
See also The Chronicle of Higher Education, Los Angeles Times, CBS 8, KPBS, San Diego Union Tribuneand The Huffington Post

AML[1].jpg"Access Denied: Leukemia Thwarted by Cutting Off Link to Environmental Support," features Tannishtha Reya, PhD
See also Scicasts, Health Medicine Network and The Medical News



mckerrow_sanofi[1].jpg"NIH Helps UC San Diego Researchers Repurpose Sanofi Pain Drug for Tropical Disease," features James McKerrow, MD, PhD
See also Phys.org and The Medical News



whatever[1].png"Researchers Find Key Player in Diabetic Kidney Disease Through Power of Metabolomics," features Kumar Sharma, MD, Young-Hyun You, PhD, and David Brenner, MD, vice chancellor, health sciences, and dean, School of Medicine
See also The Medical News and Medical Xpress



140412093400-large[1].jpg"New Drug Combination Treats Hepatitis C Patients also infected with HIV," features David Wyles, MD
See also MD Magazine, Medical News Today, ScienceDaily,and The Medical News



uc_sandiego_health[1].jpg"UC San Diego Health Ranks #1 by U.S. News & World Report," features Paul Viviano, CEO
See also Becker's ACS Review, KPBS, The Medical News, San Diego 7 and San Diego Union Tribune


Medical-Research[1].jpg"The Case for Fetal-Cell Research," The New York Times, cites research at UC San Diego School of Medicine



liver-cancer[1].jpg"Researchers find new method to halt the advance of liver cancer," FierceBiotech Research, features Paul Fanta, MD





wearables-2014-PPT[1].jpg"Microsoft eyes guidelines for consumer health wearables," mHealth News, features Kevin Patrick, MD




hcsurgeon_small[1].jpg"American College of Surgeons clinical database drives improvements in surgical quality," FierceHealthcare, features Anna Weiss, MD



85[1].jpg"11 Ways Healthy Community Design is Working," U.S. News & World Report, features James Sallis, PhD



mixed.jpg"15 weird risk factors for kidney stones," Fox News, features Roger Sur, MD
See also Yahoo! Health and Time



journal-011[1].jpg"New Journal to Explore Connections Between Educators and Neuroscientists," Education Week, features Timothy Brown, PhD



072815_immunotherapy_THUMB_LARGE[1].jpg"Immune Systems Now a Major Focus of Cancer Treatment Research," Healthline News, features Ezra Cohen, MD



630x420_ehow_images_a05_a8_ad_nonsurgical-treatment-dog-cataracts-800x800[1].jpg"Success in dogs points to first nonsurgical cataract treatment," MedicineNet, features Kang Zhang, MD, PhD
See also CBS News and WebMD



cb680646cfaf4fedd1b031d401fdd317e8918abe[1].jpg"10 Hardest Things About Being a New Mom," theBump, features Yvette LaCoursiere, MD, MPH





Capture.PNG"Dad bod' is real. Study shows how baby affects men's health," Today, features Eduardo Grunvald, MD
See also HNGN


CEU_top_300dpi-web[1].jpg"Brain shape and genetic ancestry linked," Laboratory Equipment, features Anders Dale, PhD, and Terry Jernigan, PhD



NBS_DrPaulQuinton.SD.7.16.15x015A[1].jpg"Doctors challenge Vertex over high price of cystic fibrosis drug," The Boston Globe, features Paul Quinton, PhD



8362926_G[1].jpg"Study of Human Body Fluid Shifts Aboard Space Station Advances Journey to Mars," PHYS, cites research at UC San Diego School of Medicine



fitness-tracker[1].jpg"The Smartest Way to Use a Fitness Tracker," Sonima, features Robyn Stuhr, program director, Sports Medicine


breast-cancer-ribbon[1].jpg"3 Cancers women should take as seriously as breast cancer," SheKnows.com, features Cheryl Saenz, MD



Neuropathy-3[1].jpg"Inhaled cannabis shown effective for diabetic neuropathy pain," ScienceDaily, features Mark Wallace, MD



Organoid[1].jpg"Mini Brains Model Autism," The Scientist, features Alysson Muotri, PhD




dd.jpg"What are the odds? 2 Midstate men picked for stem cell trial," ABC 27, features UC San Diego School of Medicine




UTI1866647_r900x493[1].jpg"Study: Medicare is improving," San Diego Union Tribune, features Andrea Snyder,chief quality officer



pdl1-banner[1].jpg"La Jolla Institute/UC San Diego team wins grant for immunotherapy cancer study," Rancho Santa Fe Review, features Ezra Cohen, MD




La_Jolla_immunology_r900x493[1].jpg"UCSD scientists praise La Jolla Institute alliance," San Diego Union Tribune, features Gary Firestein, MD, Shu Chien, MD, PhD, and Victor Nizet, MD



Dr.-Scott-Lippman_t730[1].jpg"New cancer cell initiative maps mutations," La Jolla Light, authored by Scott Lippman, MD, and features Trey Ideker, PhD, and Jill Mesirov, PhD




99.JPG"Caregivers Have A Lot of Stress They Need to Cope With," KUSI, features Brent Mausbach, PhD



Eli_Lilly_1_r900x493[1].jpg"Lilly doubling size of San Diego biotech center," San Diego Union Tribune, features Gary Firestein, MD



elliotmcveigh_r900x493[1].jpg"UCSD recruits renowned heart researcher," San Diego Union Tribune, features Elliot McVeigh, PhD



99.JPG"Landmark study on preventing HIV transmission shows promising results," San Diego 6, features Davey Smith, MD

"Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pills Will Soon Be Available In California," KPBS, features Shira Varon, MD

Brain_scan_r900x493[1].jpg"Hope amid dire brain tumor diagnosis," San Diego Union Tribune, features Bob Carter, MD, PhD



sdtrolley717[1].jpg"New UC San Diego Trolley blue line extension," San Diego 6, features Paul Viviano, CEO
See also KPBS, San Diego Metro, San Diego 7, Times of San Diego and Mass Transit