Kawasaki Disease Parent Symposium Nov 7 - Hosted by Pediatrics KD Research Center

Dr. Jane Burns

UC San Diego's KD Research Center to Host Kawasaki Disease Parent Symposium on November 7, 2009

Kawasaki Disease – a disease that can only be clinically diagnosed – affect more than 50 new patients at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego. By December this year, more than 4,000 new patients will be diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease in the U.S., and over 20,000 new patients in Asia. If untreated, Kawasaki Disease can lead to lethal coronary artery aneurysms.

Director of Kawasaki Disease Research Center at UC San Diego, Dr. Jane Burns will be hosting a Parent Symposium on November 7th, 2009 at UC San Diego. The symposium will feature a special guest speaker — Dr. Kawasaki himself. In his sixty-year career looking after sick children, Dr. Kawasaki is a Japanese Pediatric Society Prize Winner and Director of the Japan Kawasaki Disease Research Center in Japan. He has diagnosed and treated thousands of children with KD, educating parents and physicians around the world to detect KD symptoms. Additionally, Kawasaki Disease (KD) experts from UC San Diego's Department of Pediatrics will be present at the symposium, to share information on KD, and give updates on latest findings from their research. There will also be follow-up information for adults and children who have suffered from KD in the past.

UC San Diego’s Pediatrician and Professor, Jane Burns, M.D has dedicated a life-long career to Kawasaki Disease research, awareness and treatment.

“We’ve no idea how many more cases go untreated,” Dr. Burns shares, concernedly. “We hope our outreach, in San Diego, and around the globe, will help change that.”

The illness is five times more common than some more publicly recognized diseases of children such as tuberculosis or bacterial meningitis. While KD is not contagious and there is no known cause, it tends to run in families, suggesting that there are genetic components to disease risk. It is also 10 to 20 times more common among Asian- and Asian-American children than in children of European descent.

Kawasaki Disease Parent Symposium

Date: Nov. 7th, 2009, Saturday
Time: 9AM-12 Noon
Place: UC San Diego Price Center Theater
9500 Gilman Drive
San Diego, CA 92093

*Babysitting will be available

To Register, go to: http://www.kdfoundation.org