2nd Annual Pediatrics Translational Research Symposium a Success

Presentation Slide from Research Symposium

October 29th, 2010 – UC San Diego’s Department of Pediatrics and Rady Children’s Hospital proudly hosted the second annual Pediatric Translational Research Symposium. With over 100 attendees from the Salk Institute, the Sanford-Burnham Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, UC San Diego, and Rady Children’s Hospital, the Symposium was truly a remarkable event where top investigators from many research institutions in San Diego presented on stem cell therapies, pediatric oncology, and immunology - all with one purpose: to improve child health.

“We are hosting this Symposium at Rady Children’s Hospital to highlight the resources being developed here for pediatric clinical research, and to recognize that the ultimate beneficiaries are children,” shares Donald Durden, MD, PhD, Vice-Chair of Research Affairs in Pediatrics at UC San Diego, and Chairman of the symposium organizing committee.

Meeting speaker Dr. Haddad at Pediatircs Research Symposium

Dr. Durden set the tone of the day, motivating the diverse audience of physicians, basic scientists, housestaff, graduate and post-graduate students, and members of the healthcare and academic communities, to learn, connect, and collaborate with each other. Following Dr. Durden’s opening remarks, was Dr. Victor Nizet, Division Chief of pediatric pharmacology at UC San Diego, who presented the keynote address on “Outside-the-Box Antibacterial Therapies.”

Among the eleven speakers, were world-renowned pioneers in stem cell research such as Prof. Joel Gottesfeld, from the Scripps Research Institute, Prof. Fred ‘Rusty’ Gage from the Salk Institute, and Prof. Lawrence Goldstein, Director of the Stem Cell Program at UC San Diego.

Leaders in pediatric oncology - Prof. Robert Wechsler-Reya, Director of the Tumor Development Program at Sanford-Burnham Institute, Prof. David Cheresh, Assoc. Director of Translational Research at UC San Diego, and Prof. Jean Wang, Director of Basic Research at UC San Diego, all spoke about the pathogenesis of tumor cells.

The afternoon featured Dr. Hal Hoffman who spoke on the full cycle of translational research in discovering and treating familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome– ‘Translating Disease Gene to Therapy,’ and Drs. Robert Rickert and Carl Ware from Sanford-Burnham, who both covered the role of cytokine in immunity and cancer.

The closing keynote lecture was given by Dr. Albert La Spada, Division Chief of Genetics, and Vice-Chair of Faculty Development in pediatrics at UC San Diego. His talk was on the genetic mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases.

Billbord presentation at Pediatric Research SymposiumThroughout the day, over 150 members of the Department of Pediatrics, including graduate students, post-docs, research scientists, and faculty, presented their work in almost 40 posters. Students and faculty shared their work with each other, and attendees from the Salk Institute, Sanford-Burnham Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, and other departments at UC San Diego/Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

Written by: Shivani Singh, Sr. Writer, Pediatrics, UC San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego s1singh@ucsd.edu

Symposium Contact: Nina Vo, Pediatrics, UC San Diego, vvo@ucsd.edu