The New Generation of R01: Winning with the New Rules

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As the nationwide budget cuts begin to take their toll, the competition for NIH funding is projected to be stiffer this year than ever before. No longer is it enough to have a novel idea, or a robust project. While the avalanche of R01 submissions grows daily, what will make your grant stand out? Or rather, what would make your grant win? Here are our suggestions for succeeding with the new generation of R01’s.

TIPS for Tackling the New R01's:

  1. Propose a Project that will have a significant contribution to human health
  2. Read the NEW NIH R01/Resubmission General Guidelines Summary - CLICK HERE
  3. Read the FOA for your grant. (This is Funding Opportunities Announcement for the grant you are applying. The information in this Announcement always supercedes anything in the general guidelines.)
  4. Talk to colleagues to get a clear idea about the Aims for your Proposal
  5. After writing your Aims, fill in a sketch of what you will put in each section.
  6. Fill out paperwork for human subjects, animal subjects, data plans, etc.

See Protocols and further information here:

Part 1, Page 22 – NIH Grant Page Limits

Section 1, Page 106-116: NIH GRANT Specific Instructions for each section of grant

Please see Page 110-111 on Human Subjects and Vertebrate Animals in Research Experiments

For this first grant cycle, the deadline for new NIH R01 submissions is FEBRUARY 5TH,2010. For resubmissions, the deadline is MARCH 5th, 2010. For further information on writing/editing successful NIH grants and resubmissions, please contact Dr. Jouni Vesa, our in-house Pediatrics Grant Writer and Editor, 858-576-1700 ext 2959

WRITTEN BY: Shivani Singh, Sr. Writer, / Jouni Vesa