The Department of Pediatrics congratulates its selected incoming interns for Fall 2011

Headshot Dr. Sherry Huang

The Department of Pediatrics at UC San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, congratulates its selected incoming interns for Fall 2011.

“We are excited to have recruited a terrific group of new interns representing some of the best students from all over the country with interests in both primary care and subspecialty pediatrics," shares Dr. Sherry Huang, UCSD Pediatric Residency Program Director.

The Pediatrics Residency Program at UC San Diego is unique in its exposure to a diverse pediatric population with breadth in general and subspecialty medicine, placing special emphasis, on community pediatrics, behavioral pediatrics, academic/research pediatrics, and border health. During the three years of consecutive training, the resident will evolve progressively with increasing knowledge and responsibility to all aspects of general pediatric medicine.

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  • Marilynn Chan, MD - UC San Diego
  • Sri Cherukumilli, MD, MAS - UC San Diego
  • Nicole Coufal, MD, PhD - UC San Diego
  • Lauge Farnaes, MD, PhD - UC San Diego
  • Andrei Fodoreanu, MD - Harvard Medical School
  • Yousuke Horikawa, MD, PhD - UC San Diego
  • Jefferson Jones, MD, MPH - Northwestern University
  • Curtis Leong, MD UC - San Francisco
  • Erin Murphy, MD - UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson
  • Don Nguyen, MD - UC San Diego
  • Denise Purdie, MD - Mount Sinai New York
  • Andrew Renuart, MD, M. Sc. - University of Pennsylvania
  • Kathleen Romero, MD - University of Pennsylvania
  • Erica Sanford, MD - UC San Francisco


  • Lawrence Ma, MD - UC San Diego
  • Diana Moke, MD - Brown University
  • Perrie Pardee, MD - UC San Diego
  • Vanessa Raabe, MD, M.Sc. - University of Minnesota