Meet UC San Diego's Pediatric Chief Residents 2011-2012

Megan Browning, MD, Monique Mayo, MD, Tina Udaka, MD

August 21st, 2011, La Jolla, CA – UC San Diego’s Department of Pediatrics at the School of Medicine, welcomes 3 new Chief Residents for the 2011-2012 academic year – Drs. Megan Browning, Monique Mayo, and Tina Udaka.

Inspired during their second year of residency by their own former Chief Residents, Drs. Helen Harvey and Jodi Sebso, the new Chiefs hope to carry on the same spirit of collegiality, and enthusiasm for learning amongst the residents.

"We are passionate about creating an educational environment founded on patient centered learning, strengthened by formal and informal lectures, and augmented by longitudinal collaboration with numerous attendings and fellows,” the Chiefs share. “We hope to spark the fire of continual curiosity and empower our residents to be lifelong learners."

In addition to teaching, empowering, and guiding residents and students alike, the Chief Residents will also have time to learn, ask questions, and conduct personal research projects.

Originally from Minnesota, Browning majored in Theatre and Biology at Smith College, and after a research stint in Minneapolis, she pursued her medical degree at Harvard Medical School. Passionate about many specialties, Browning feels that she has finally found her true calling: Pediatric Intensive Care. Browning enjoys being outside, running, and hiking in Southern California.

Mayo is from Seattle, Washington, and went to the University of Washington both for her undergraduate and medical school studies. After carefully exploring all of the pediatric specialties, Mayo hopes to pursue a fellowship in Emergency Medicine after chief residency. Mayo recently traveled to Peru to improve her Spanish, and enjoys cooking, dancing, and water-related activities.

Udaka is originally from the Bay Area, but grew up in Japan. She completed her undergraduate degree at Brown University, and her medical degree at UC San Diego. Udaka is currently working on brain tumor research with Dr. Crawford, a neuro-oncologist in the Department of Pediatrics. After chief residency, Udaka hopes to pursue a fellowship in hematology/oncology. She is newly married, and loves playing with her dogs and going to the beach.

While the Chiefs may have very different personal interests, they have 2 main passions in common: Disneyland and helping others. “We are all die-hard Disneyland Annual Pass Holders,” says Browning. “So we think of ourselves as the Three Fairy Godmothers amongst the residents – on the wards, and off.”

Udaka adds, “Residency is a time to take advantage of the opportunities that are available, and the chance to develop lifelong relationships. As Chief Residents, we are very lucky to get the chance to be leaders, to learn, and to give back.”

About UC San Diego's Pediatric Residency Program:

The goal of the UCSD Pediatric Residency Program is to train residents in the practice of general and subspecialty medicine. Our mission is to develop today’s residents to become tomorrow’s physicians as leaders in the field of Pediatrics as clinicians, scientists, advocates, and teachers. We approach training with emphasis on excellence in patient care, encouraging the residents to think critically, to make sound medical decisions, maintain advanced technical skills, and to work in a professional environment that promotes life-long learning.

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Written by Shivani Singh, M.S., Sr. Writer, Dept. of Pediatrics, UC San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego