Meet Our New 2010-2011 Chief Residents!

Chief Residents

Amongst the many exciting events occurring department-wide, we are thrilled to introduce our new Chief Residents in the Pediatrics Department – Dr. Grant Keeney, Dr. Loren Sacks, and Dr. Waheeda Samady for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Selected for their leadership, vision, and commitment to empowering and teaching medical students and residents, the new chiefs are also looking forward to giving back and making a lasting impact at this time of transition.

“We’re looking forward to doing something new - taking turns being attendings on the wards ourselves. When you teach, that’s when you learn the best,” Dr. Samady shares. “We want to help senior residents recognize the teachers they already are, and be leaders in whatever arena they go to afterwards.”

Continuing to develop a curriculum initiated by the previous Chiefs, Dr. Helen Harvey and Dr. Jodi Sebso, Dr. Sacks is collaborating with PICU at Rady Children’s Hospital to host ongoing PALS training, simulations, and mock codes. Dr. Sacks is planning to further his training in pediatric critical care, and hopes to evolve the curriculum this year so that all residents will be rapid PALS responders.

“Our emphasis is on continuing medical education at the highest level,” Dr. Keeney adds. “ We will be setting aside time to teach medical students, and continue to involve senior residents in morning reports.” The chiefs hope this will not only empower residents to think broadly, but also encourage in-depth discussions across all levels and all subspecialties to demonstrate the different ways of examining a problem.

In addition to teaching, empowering, and guiding residents and students alike, the Chief Residents will also have time to learn, ask questions, and conduct personal research projects. Dr. Samady is working with Dr. Pong and Dr. Stucky to explore how to best utilize C.difficil toxin assays in the hospital environment. Dr. Keeney is interested in quality improvement, specifically how we use X-rays and CT scans in determining cervical spine injuries.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Stanford University, Dr. Sacks conducted research in embryology for two years before deciding to go to medical school at UC San Diego. Now, a new father of his son, Avi, Dr. Sacks is happy to live in San Diego, and pursue a career in academic pediatrics. He enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and is a well-traveled certified scuba diver.

Dr. Samady pursued her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and International Relations at UC Berkeley. Her thesis was on global Muslim women’s rights movements. After completing her medical education at UC San Diego, Dr. Samady collaborated with the Child Development and Community Health Division and the San Diego Muslim community on a domestic violence prevention project. She focused on increasing youth education, community access to services, and cultural competency by service providers. After completing her training in American Sign Language in medical school, she con tinues to stay involved with the local Deaf community, and has traveled the world – most recently to Peru to study Spanish. In San Diego, she enjoys running and hiking, and trying out all different cuisines available, especially the desserts!

A graduate of Pomona College, and the University of Washington School of Medicine, Dr. Keeney studied abroad in Nantes, France and at University College, Oxford. He loves cooking, and photography. An avid technocrat, Dr. Keeney is interested in information technology and how it relates to improving the quality of patient care and patient safety.

Written by: Shivani Singh, Sr. Writer, Department of Pediatrics