Pediatrics Faculty Elected to the Association of American Physicians

March 8, 2010, San Diego, CA - The Association of American Physicians (AAP) has elected two physician-scientists from our Department of Pediatrics Faculty: Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD Chief of Dysmorphology/Teratology, and Victor Nizet,  MD, Chief of Pharmacology and Drug Discovery, to become AAP members. Each year, the Council of the Association elects approximately 60 new members to be announced at the AAP national meeting in Chicago this April.

"I am honored as a pediatrician to join this organization of dedicated physician investigators that are committed to medical research and education to improve human health - especially to continue the strong tradition of UCSD representation in the AAP," Dr. Nizet expresses.

The AAP was founded in 1885 for the "advancement of scientific and practical medicine." The goals of its members include the pursuit of medical knowledge, the advancement of basic and clinical science, and their application to clinical medicine. Drs. Jones and Nizet join three other UC San Diego Pediatrics faculty members who were previously elected to the AAP: Dr. Gabriel Haddad, Dr. Stephen Spector, and Dr. Sanjay Nigam.

Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD

A renowned pediatrician, Dr. Jones (left) focuses his research on dysmorphology, the study of birth defects, particularly those affecting the anatomy of the individual; identifying the mechanisms of normal and abnormal fetal development; and the recognition of new human teratogens (birth defects-causing agents). Among Dr. Jones' many accomplishments, the most famous is his coining of the term "fetal alcohol syndrome," along with David W. Smith, M.D., to define the distinct cluster of birth defects seen exclusively in the babies of women who consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

Victor Nizet,  MD

Dr. Nizet (right) studies molecular microbiology and immunology, with a particular focus on the pathogenesis of human streptococcal and staphylococcal infections.  Through discovery of key bacterial virulence factors and innate immune system functions, the Nizet Laboratory is developing novel treatments and approaches to difficult infectious disease conditions.

“This is very exciting,” shares Dr. Gabriel Haddad, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics and Physician-in-Chief at the Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego. “It is a great honor to have two more of our faculty elected to the AAP this year.”

Written by: Shivani Singh, MS, Sr. Writer, Department of Pediatrics, UC San Diego