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Department of Pediatrics


On the Eve of Doctors' Day 2020

A Video Message from Dr. Gabriel Haddad













Please click on the photo or on the link below to watch a special message from Dr. Gabriel Haddad:




Dear Faculty Colleagues and Friends,


On this sunny Sunday, I wish to extend my thanks to all of you.


Tomorrow is national Doctorsí Day which we celebrate every 30th of March!  This year, this celebration cannot be more befitting as we endure through one of the worst health care crises our generation has passed through.  


Indeed, I wish to applaud each physician that is on the front line, serving the ill child and adolescent, not only tomorrow, on a national day, but every day.


I would like also to expand on this national appreciation day to include the contributions of doctor scientists who, behind the scenes, are working diligently to discover etiology of diseases, develop drugs and vaccines and cure or prevent diseases.


These past 2 weeks have been horrendous for all of us in various ways. All of us are still so stunned from the situation that it is really affecting our daily lives in major ways.


But I know our faculty.  Each one of you is absolutely spectacular and resilient, proud of what you are achieving, day in and day out, in the midst of a major crisis. I have witnessed how we have all come together and continue to move on during the storm to help each child.


With the optimism that you have displayed about our future, we will be on the other side of the storm in the not too distant future. Take a break today if you can and enjoy with your families the outdoors, the sun and some of the relatively small things that we often forget to appreciate in our daily lives.


On Doctorsí Day and every day, thank you for what you do!


And please stay safe and keep your loved ones safe! 



Department of Pediatrics Communications:  Debbie Taheri