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Subject:                          NEWS FLASH: Teleworking Agreement Reminder


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Department of Pediatrics


Reminder: Teleworking Agreement


Many of us are still working in our home environments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As a reminder, those teleworking signed a Teleworking Agreement which states: “We agree to use University-owned equipment, records, and materials for purposes of University business only, and to protect them against unauthorized or accidental access, use, modification, destruction, loss, theft, or disclosure. Incidental personal use is not permitted to interfere with the use of the equipment for University business. The employee will implement steps for good information security in the alternate workplace setting, and will check with his/her supervisor when security matters are an issue. The employee further agrees to report to the supervisor instances of loss, damage, or unauthorized access at the earliest opportunity.”




Employees working from alternate locations should:


1.    Password protect Zoom meetings. Effective Sunday, September 27, 2020, all Zoom meetings will require a passcode. Learn more about Zoom passcodes and privacy on Pulse.

2.    Ensure sensitive conversations cannot be overheard or work observed by unauthorized persons in the alternate work location.

3.    Refrain from having hard copy sensitive University records at remote locations.  If you must have sensitive University documents and you have received the appropriate approval to do so, ensure they are secured in alternate work site (HIPAA states behind two locks).

4.    Take extra time to verify identities of collaborators. Verify and double-check identities, email addresses, or phone numbers prior to disclosing information to anyone.

5.    Orient computer screens to reduce the chance of someone looking over your shoulder.

6.    Schedule deliveries of important University items or documents to campus when UC staff are present. Review the latest updates for campus mail service on Blink and submit a logistics form to designate how your office/lab mail should be handled.

7.    Additional tips and good practices can be found on Blink:


More information relating to recommended privacy practices for UC San Diego “return to” programs can be found at:

For questions, please contact:, 858-657-7487.


      Department of Pediatrics Communications:  Debbie Taheri