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Sent: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 2:13:37 PM
Subject: STAT Madness 2021 competition




On Behalf of Susan Ackerman, Vice Dean of Research


Hi Everyone,


Please think about if you have anyone in your department that should be nominated for the STAT Madness 2021 competition sponsored by STAT news ( for the top innovation or discovery of 2020 in biomedical science. There is no prize money, but there is visibility for the individualís research and the University.  


Nominations (and yes, one can self-nominate) must be received by me January 5, 2021. 64 potential winners will be selected from the eligible entries by STAT News editors beginning on January 19, 2021 and entries will be paired with each other in brackets for a single-elimination tournament (aka March Madness) until the final championship matchup ( Judges (fans-i.e., the public,) will decide winners of brackets based on the scientific rigor of the work, the originality of the innovation, and the potential beneficial impact of the innovation in its respective field, the general public, and society overall and the longevity of the innovation. There will also be an editorsí pick of the top innovation or discovery of 2020. The prize is bragging rights and a mention in an article written by STAT journalists on


Individuals interested in entering the contest must send me a brief (less than 200 words) explanation of how the innovative research development in health or medicine changes life science research-more specifically why is this research groundbreaking and who will benefit from it, and a PDF of the referenced paper which must have been published in 2020. In addition, please send a pdf of the original research article.



Thanks for considering- it should be fun!





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