Research Training

Dr. Haddad

The world class biomedical research community at UCSD offers fellows a wealth of opportunity to become involved in scholarly work.  Within the first year, fellows will determine an area of academic interest and identify a faculty mentor.  By the completion of the first year, the foundation for the fellow’s scholarly project will have been established.  The second and third years of post-doctoral training afford the fellow adequate time to make a significant contribution in their chosen area of interest.  The scholarly work culminates with a written work product and presentation to the division, with the goal of producing peer-reviewed publications as well as presentations at national scientific meetings.

The Division of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine at UCSD is pleased to offer fellows the opportunity to receive research training under the guidance of physician-scientists who are leaders in the field.  

Dr. Gabriel Haddad, the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics and Physician-in-Chief at Rady Children’s Hospital is a Pediatric Pulmonologist, and heads an active laboratory focused on investigating the biological consequences of hypoxia.  

Dr. Julie Ryu, Interim Chief of the Division of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, specializes in Clinical Informatics, Mobile Health Technology and Population Health.  

Dr. Paul Quinton, Nancy Olmsted Chair in Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine has been a pioneering investigator in epithelial ion transport in cystic fibrosis.  

Dr. Xin Sun, Professor of Pediatrics and Cell & Developmental Biology, focuses on deciphering the origins of neonatal and pediatric diseases and how disease mechanisms enrich our basic understanding of biology.  

Several members of the division have collaborations with Dr. Rob Knight and the Center of Microbiome Innovation to investigate the relationship between the microbiome and clinical phenotype.  In addition to the above listed investigators from within the Division, there are diverse opportunities for mentorship and collaboration in both clinical and basic research in the Department of Pediatrics and throughout the university.