About the Division of Pediatric Nephrology

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology is active in patient care, research and education. Clinically, the Division is the only service in San Diego and Imperial County that provides comprehensive care to children with kidney diseases, including acute and chronic dialysis and renal transplantation. The new clinical facilities and arrival of outstanding clinical faculty have energized and revitalized the clinical practice. We are consistently recognized as among the top 30 programs in Pediatric Nephrology in the U.S. News and World Report since 2011. The Division has a three-year accredited subspecialty fellowship designed to prepare fellows for a career in academic pediatric nephrology. 

Major Goals and Plans

  1. Continue to provide exceptional care to children with kidney disease
  2. Establish a nationally recognized team of basic and translational science researchers
  3. Improve and expand dialysis, apheresis and kidney transplant services through quality improvement measures
  4. Provide outstanding educational opportunities and training to Nephrology fellows 
  5. ​Support innovative treatments for pediatric kidney disease