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Awards, Honors, and Major Presentations

We were recognized in News and World Report as one of the top Pediatric Nephrology programs in the US: 24th in 2013, 27th in 2014 and 38th in 2015.

Elizabeth Ingulli, MD
Teaching Attending of the Year, UCSD Residents, July 14-June 15

Robert Mak, MD, PhD
Editorial Board, Nature Reviews Nephrology, 2009-present
Editorial Board, World Journal of Pediatrics, 2012–present
Editorial Board, World Journal of Hypertension, 2013–present
Editorial Board, World Journal of Nephrology, 2013–present
Editorial Board, American Academy of Pediatrics, PREP Nephrology, 2013-present
Editorial Board, Pediatric Research, 2014-present

Elliot Perens, MD, PhD
ASPN Presentation Award, PAS Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada. May 2014.