​​​​​​​Grant Support

​Lars Bode, PhD ​

Grant Title Provided by Award/Grant # Award period Amount
Exploring Oligosaccharide Synthesis in Human Mammary Gland Epithelial Cells

Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

1R21HD080682 02/2015-01/2017 $426,250 
Selective Inhibitors of Plasmodium Falciparum G6PD as Novel Antimalarials National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) 1R01AI104916 08/2014-07/2017 $1,631,058
What is Normal Milk? - Exploring Sociocultural, Evolutionary, Environmental, and Microbial Aspects of Human Milk Composition National Science Foundation - Subaward
PI: Michelle (Shelley) McGuire, Washington State University​
IOS-1344288 10/2013-09/2017 $104,831
Intestinal and Milk Glycan Expression in Restriction of Neonatal Infection National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) - Subaward
PI: Mary Estes, 
Baylor College of Medicine
1R01AI105101 07/2013-06/2017 $425,037


Farhad Imam, MD, PhD 

Grant Title Provided by Grant # Award period Amount
Targeted Mutagenesis and Characterization of Novel Hypoxia-Protective GenesAcademic Senate Research Award, UCSDRO089H-IMAM2014-2015$10,000


Jae Kim, MD, PhD

Grant Title Provided by ​Award period Amount
Scripps Center for Oceans and Human Health'Diversxity and Distribution of HOCS'​
NIH NIEHS2012-2017 $1,000,000 


Sanjay Nigam​​, MD, PhD

Grant Title Provided by Award/Grant # Award period Amount

Substrate Specificity of the Choroid Plexus and Kidney Transporter Oat1





Structure Function Analysis of theMulti-specific Drug Transporter OCT1​





Developmental Aspects of Amino Penicillin Renal Clearance T


5U54HD071600-05 ​


$128,955 ​


Lawrence (Lance) Prince, MD, PhD 

G​rant Title Provided by Award/Gran​t # Awar​d period Amo​unt
​Transcriptional Control of Lung Macrophage Development

National Heart, Lung, and 

Blood Institute

1R01HL126703-01 ​5/2015-3/2019​​$387,500
Imaging Activated Macrophages in the Lungs​ National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 1R01HL116358-01 9/2012-8/2015 $17,393
Improving Prematurity-Related Respiratory Outcomes at Vanderbilt (IMPROV)​ National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute IU01HL101456-01 5/2010-4/2015$2,406,780

Evan Y. Snyder, MD, PhD 

Grant Title Provided by Award/Grant # Award Period Amount
Collaborative Laboratory for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research InstituteCalifornia Institute for Regenerative MedicineCL1-005112/2008-1/2015$3,457,086