UC San Diego High Risk Infant Follow-up

The UC San Diego High Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) Program evaluates the growth and development of infants and young children who have been cared for in the UC San Diego neonatal intensive care unit or who have been referred from other NICUs in San Diego and Imperial County. These infants and young children are at risk for neurologic problems or developmental delays due to preterm birth or other medical conditions that required intensive care. We work with families, health care providers, educators, and other agencies to help every child reach their maximum potential. The main clinic office is on the UC San Diego Hillcrest campus and we have a satellite clinic in El Centro. Read more about our program

UC San Diego sponsors are yearly picnic for all UC San Diego NICU graduates. For more information visit Little Grad Picnic.​​

UC San Diego Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit employees enjoyed reuniting with many former patients at the Little Grad Picnic August  1, 2015.



UCSD Health - Hillcrest 
Medical Offices South, Lower Level
4168 Front Street
San Diego, CA 92103

Our HRIF Staff

​Erika Fernandez, MD
Medical Director HRIF Program
Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Fernandez is the Interim Medical Director of the UC San Diego High Risk Infant Follow-up Program and the Neonatal ICU.   Dr. Fernandez has the  responsibilities of overseeing the medical function and operations of  the   UC San Diego High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic.  ​

Yvonne Vaucher, MD, MPH
Retired Medical Director HRIF Program 
Professor of Pediatrics, Retired 
Dr. Vaucher continues to participate in clinical care in the High Risk Infant Follow-up Program and is actively participating in research studies related to long-term developmental outcomes of preterm infants and in research studies focused on global health. Dr. Vaucher has specialized training in nutrition and international health. Her primary research interests are the impact of neonatal disease and interventions on neurodevelopmental outcome of high-risk newborns, nutrition and growth in high-risk infants, lactation management and determinants of neonatal outcome in developing countries. Dr. Vaucher continues her work as a neonatal-perinatal consultant at Makerere University in Uganda where she regularly teaches health professionals and participates in neonatal research.

Martha Fuller, MSN, PNP
HRIF Clinic Coordinator
Ms. Fuller is the program coordinator as well as a clinician. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, she has served in this role since 1999 and her prior background was general pediatrics. Clinical responsibilities include performing comprehensive developmental and neurologic evaluations in the High Risk Infant Follow-up Program including performance of the Bayley III Scales of Infant ​Development. Ms. Fuller’s research interests focus on non-medical factors influencing the outcome of high risk infants.

Zohar McMurtry, PNP
Ms. McMurtry has been a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner since 2000, with a prior background in general pediatrics, and has served in this role since 2007. Her clinical duties include performing developmental evaluations and neurologic exams in the High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic and working on the newborn in-patient service. She has an interest in patient education and has helped develop education materials for parents.