​​​​​​​Fellows Research

Consistent with the ACGME requirements all fellows are expected to complete at least one scholarly activity work product. A Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) is in place to review all projects. Fellows have the opportunity to develop projects with a variety of research mentors within the core neonatal faculty or with any other faculty at the University of California, San Diego. Projects are chosen based on the interest and career goals of the fellow.


Recent fellows have been successful in writing grant proposals and in collaborating with fellows from other institutions. Multiple opportunities exist for attending scientific meetings and presenting the work when appropriate. 

Current active projects among our trainees include: 
  1. ​Effect of Early Oral Colostrum Care on Very Low Birth Weight Infants.
  2. Influence of Donor Milk Versus Formula on the Microbiota of the Late Preterm Infant.
  3. Impact of Enteral Feeding on Intestinal Motility in Premature Small for Gestational Age  Neonates.
  4. Creation of Pancreatic Beta Cells from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem C​ells.​
See "Current Studies" page for more information on fellows research.