Our teaching program is dedicated to producing the finest academically trained neonatal clinicians through a combination of rigorous clinical rotations, didactic and interactive learning. One of our differentiating aspects is the full day protected learning each Wednesday provided for all trainees.

Weekly conferences include  journal club and manuscript reviews, clinical intake rounds, reviews of evidence-based medicine and board review sessions. Each week we discuss the clinical research agenda of the unit including the research activities and updates of the fellows. The latter are in both formal and informal manner.

Monthly conferences include:

  1. Bedside-to-Bench rounds: conducted by Dr. Evan Snyder, a faculty member and head of the Regenerative Stem Cell Program at the Burnham Institute
  2. Follow Up Conference: under the supervision of Dr. Donna Garey, Director of the High Risk Infant Follow-Up Program.
  3. Clinical Case presentations: given by fellows with combined UCSD and Rady faculty
  4. Placental pathology conference: led by placental scientist Dr. Mana Parast
  5. Quality Assurance review: chaired by Dr. Anup Katheria
  6. Neonatal video resuscitation review (bi-weekly): a recognized quality improvement activity of the UCSD Medical Center during where we review videos of resuscitations performed in the last two weeks. This experience allows all members of the resuscitation team to further develop resuscitation skills and discuss procedures and team activities.
  7. Perinatal conference is a multidisciplinary meeting held in collaboration with the fetal diagnostic center. This allows the team to review all current high-risk pregnancies and discuss possible management strategies. Fellows are active participants in these rounds.


All fellows are enrolled in the CREST (Clinical Research Enhancement through Supplement Training) Program, a 2-year program which provides organized teaching in clinical research methods and analysis. More information can be obtained on the CREST program website.