All division fellows are enrolled in the CREST (Clinical Research Enhancement through Supplement Training) Program, a 2-year program which provides organized teaching in clinical research methods and analysis. 

The CREST Program incorporates all major elements of clinical research in the design of a curriculum with courses given over two years.  The program is comprised of eight modules which cover the principles of:

  1. Epidemiology;
  2. Biostatistics;
  3. Patient-oriented research (two modules each);
  4. Health services/outcomes research; and 
  5. Data management/informatics (one module each) 

We believe that the CREST scholar must not only have a strong basis in academic medicine, but must understand the bioscience/biotechnology to be an effective researcher. The program includes professional development seminars that are offered throughout the two years and focused on key elements including grant writing, scientific communication, research management and time management.​

More information can be obtained on the CREST program website.