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Larry Pickering, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS, FAAP

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Larry Pickering, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS, FAAP
volunteer faculty
Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine

Education:  West Virginia University School of Medicine, 1966-1970; Pediatric Intern and Resident, Pediatric Service, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO., 1970-1972; Infectious Diseases Fellow, Washington University School of Medicine, 1972-1974.

Current Appointments:  Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine, 2001-2015; Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine, 2016-

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Participation:  Board of Directors, 2001-2004; Scientific Program Committee, 2006-2009; Chair, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Immunization Programs for Infants, Children, Adolescents and Adults, 2009-2010; Awards Committee, 2010-2012;  21st Edward Kass Lectureship Award, 2011; Vice Chair, Scientific Program Committee, 2012-2013; Chair, Scientific Program Committee, ID Week, 2014; Guideline Panel, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Infectious Diarrhea in Children and Adults; Co-chair, 2012-present;  elected as Secretary to the IDSA Board of Directors, 2016-2020.

Pathophysiology of infectious diarrhea:  NIH-NIAID, Establishment of an Infectious Disease Enteric Study Center, CoPI, 1977-1983.  Protective factors in human milk:  NIH-NICHD, Program Project, Role of Human Milk in Infant Nutrition and Health, CoPI, 1979-1987; PI, 1987-2003; consultant, 2003-2009.  Comprehensive Pediatric Treatment and Research Center for Children with AIDS, NIAID, PI of UT Subcontract, 1988-1993; Clinical Center for the Study of Pediatric Lung and Heart Complications of HIV, NHLBI, Co-PI of UT subcontract; 1989-1994; Infections in Childcare Centers: Impact of emerging infectious diseases on health outcomes of children and their families related to out-of-home child care; CDC; Co-PI, 1995-1998.  Clinical and public health aspects of vaccines, 2001-present.

Edward J. van Liere Research Award, West Virginia University School of Medicine, 1970;  Outstanding clinical faculty member by the 1976 graduating senior class at the University of Texas Medical School (honorable mention in 1977 and 1981);  David R. Park Professor and Director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Texas Medical School and MD Anderson Hospital, Houston, Texas, 1989-1992;  Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, UT, Vice Chairperson, 1981-1982; Chairperson, 1983-1986;  Special Review Committee, NIH-NIAID, International Collaboration in Infectious Diseases Research, 1988;  Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, University of Texas Medical School, 1985-1988;  Opportunistic Infection Committee, NIH-NIAID AIDS Clinical Trial Group, 1990;  president of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (PIDS), 1995-1997;  Founder’s Award, Southern Society for Pediatric Research, 1994;  Distinguished Alumnus, West Virginia University School of Medicine, 1995; Pertussis Task Force, NIH-NIAID, 1996;  Award Selection Committee, American Society for Microbiology, 1999-2002; Program Committee, ICAAC, 1997-2002; NICHD Initial Review Group Study Section, 1998-2002;  Professor and Vice Chairman for Research and Director, Center for Pediatric Research, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 1996-2001;  Senior Advisor to the Director, National Immunization Program/National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Center for Disease Control and Prevention; 2001-2015;  Chair, Research Committee , Section on Breastfeeding, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), 2001-2004;  Infectious Diseases Section Editor, National Health and Safety Performance Standards Guidelines for Out of Home Child Care Programs, 2002-2012;  member of the Board of Directors, program committee, and treasurer of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, 1997-2012; editor of five editions the AAP Red Book; 2000-2012; AAP liaison, Canadian Pediatric Society, Committee on Infectious Diseases, 1998-2003; co-editor of four editions of Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases; recipient of the 2007 Pediatric Infectious Disease Society’s Distinguished Physician Award; recipient of the national AAP 2010 Award for Lifetime Contributions :to Infectious Diseases Education; recipient of  a 2013 Outstanding Service Award from the Georgia chapter of the AAP;  recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Service Award from the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.   Recipient of the 2016 Stanley A. Plotkin Lectureship in Vaccinology Award from the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society; executive secretary, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, CDC, 2005-2015; recipient of the 2016 John P. Utz Award in recognition of outstanding leadership skills from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases; appointed to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee of the National Vaccine Program Office, 2017-2020

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