Coronavirus Pandemic

Goals and Plans for the Division of Genetics

  1. Continuation of a monthly Clinical Genetics conference to be held at 7:30 AM one Friday / month just before Grand Rounds. All Division faculty will be expected to participate, and this conference will be directed at rotating medical students, residents, and fellows in Genetics and other subspecialty areas. We expect participation of local Clinical Genetics physicians at Balboa Hospital and Kaiser-Permanente, as well as Genetics Counselors at the monthly meeting. This meeting will serve as a focal point for the creation of a vibrant academic Clinical Genetics community at Rady Children’s Hospital – UCSD.
  2. Continuation of a monthly Human Genetics research conference to be held one Thursday at 12 PM per month on the UCSD campus. The purpose of this conference will be to bring together clinical practitioners and basic researchers to facilitate interaction and collaboration, especially as advances in Genetics and Genomics open up new opportunities for the discovery of genes responsible for a wide range of inherited and complex diseases.