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Educational Initiatives

Pre-College Programs

The Pediatric Center for Community Health performs NIH-funded research concerning health disparities in children and youth related to obesity, HIV/AIDS, adolescent pregnancy, and youth violence. Our research addresses important and high prevalence health problems at local, national and international levels. In addition, we are NIH-and HRSA-funded to increase the number of individuals from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds entering health professions. Furthermore, our Program Project supports pilot grants for investigators beginning new initiatives related to health disparities. Please visit our Current and Prior Studies sections to find out more about our division-wide projects.


University of California San Diego Health Careers Opportunities Pipeline

The UniversityLink Medical Science Program (ULMSP) supports San Diego community college students during their transition to a four year university by providing them the knowledge and tools to be successful in their undergraduate studies and future health careers. This is accomplished by assisting "individuals from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds through the educational pipeline to enter and graduate from a health or allied health professions program." ULMSP is funded through the Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP), a federally funded program run by the US Bureau of Health Professions. Its purpose is to meet the growing need of increased diversity in the healthcare workforce. Learn more about our program (
Director: Dr. Sandra Daley 
Contact: Ramón Hernandez, MPH; (619) 243-1360


Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE)

This center supports the development of scientific knowledge and research skills of Hispanic students so that they may successfully complete their studies and become physicians capable of achieving senior rank on academic faculties. The Center is improving the retention of Hispanic junior faculty so that they progress toward senior rank at UCSD SOM.

Director: Dr. Sandra Daley