Research Topics

Current Research Topics

Theodora Nelson, MD - Bridge of Sighs: Mother's Parenting as a Bridge Between Childhood Hyperactivity and Adolescent Behavior
Heekyung Chae, MD - Relationship Between Adverse Events During Early Childhood, Pubertal Development, and Later Behavioral Outcomes
Carolyn Sawyer, MD - Research Topic Pending

Past Research Topics

Sai Iyer, MD - Screening for Delayed Early Literacy Skills in Preschool Children
Lauren Gist, MD, MPH - Addressing Barriers to Early Identification and Treatment of Hispanic Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Kristofer Kazlauskas, MD - Copy Number Variants & Dysmorphic Findings in Children  with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Scott Brown, MD - Reading at Bedtime Associated with Longer Nighttime Sleep in Latino Preschoolers
Chadley Huebner, MD, MPH - Use of an E-reader Increases Reading in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children with their Parents and Increases Knowledge of Sign Language Vocabulary in the Parents.