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UCSD Adolescent Medicine Clinic
7910 Frost Street, Suite 350
San Diego, CA

The UCSD Adolescent Medicine Clinic provides outpatient medical care for children, adolescents, and young adults aged 9 to 26 years.  Pediatricians in the Adolescent Medicine Clinic have completed specialized fellowship training in adolescent health and medicine, and believe in a biopsychosocial and trauma-informed approach to care for adolescents and young adults. 

In addition to primary care, patients receive adolescent medicine specialist consultation for a variety of complex health issues including:

  • Nutritional disorders (e.g. eating disorders, overweight, underweight, and/or nutrient deficiency);
  • Behavioral and mental health concerns (e.g. school problems, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and/or emotional consequences of trauma or maltreatment);
  • Reproductive health concerns (e.g. menstrual/pubertal problems, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, or gender concerns)

The clinic offers placement and removal of long-acting subdermal contraceptives, which provide up to 3 years of safe, reversible, and highly effective contraception.  The clinic is a training site for medical students and residents from the UCSD School of Medicine.

For more information about seeking care at the UCSD Adolescent Medicine Clinic, please visit our patient care website.

Medical-Behavioral Unit (MBU)
Rady Children's Hospital

The Medical-Behavioral Unit (MBU) is a 12-bed inpatient medical stabilization unit for patients with severe medical consequences of eating disorders and malnutrition.  Adolescent medicine specialists act as attending physicians on the MBU and work with a skilled multidisciplinary team including psychologists, psychiatrists, dietitians, social workers, nurses, and psychiatry technicians to provide evidence-based and comprehensive care.  The MBU is one of the few medical eating disorder inpatient units in the country that provides psychology support and programming in conjunction with medical stabilization, and is the only inpatient eating disorder program in the state that accepts adults up to age 30 years.  The MBU is a training site for medical students, residents, and fellows from the UCSD School of Medicine, as well as interns and fellows from the UCSD Department of Psychology.

In addition to medical and nutritional stabilization including tube or parenteral feeding as needed, patients receive individual and group therapy, family therapy, group meal supervision, behavioral intervention, and nutrition education. 

Patients must be referred to the MBU by a medical provider who has already completed an initial assessment. 

For more information about seeking care on the Medical-Behavioral Unit, please visit our patient care website.