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Faculty Research

Clinical & Translational Research Institute
Faculty Investigator(s): Gary Firestein
Funding Source: National Institutes of Health
Project Dates: August 2014-Present
Aim: To develop an integrated education and training program across the translational science spectrum; Empower community-based partnerships and integrate the stakeholders into translational research governance; Diversify and enhance biomedical informatics infrastructure to provide a secure, confidential and inter-operative platform; Provide administrative infrastructure to manage and improve clinical and translational research; and Provide resources that enhance collaboration, encourage disruptive innovation and support clinical investigation.

Cue-Reward Learning and Weight Gain in Youth
Faculty Investigator(s): Kerri Boutelle
Funding Source: NIDDK
Project Dates: January 2017-Present
Aim: To evaluate whether healthy weight children at risk for overweight (two overweight parents) learn neural relationships between innocuous cues and food faster and/or have higher levels of brain reward to the taste of food compared to healthy weight children who are not at risk for overweight (no overweight parents).

Feed and Read
Faculty Investigator(s): Janet Crow
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates: 2017 - present 
Aim: Explore ways to encourage parents of infants to incorporate reading with the infant and siblings around the time that the infant is being fed.
Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Provider Education and Promotion Project
Faculty Investigator(s): Maya Kumar, Eyla Boies
Funding Source: National American Academy of Pediatrics with support from Merck
Project Dates: July 1, 2015 - present
Aim: Create and evaluate a brief training video to improve provider recommendation of the human papillomavirus vaccine at the age 11 - 12 visit.  

Improving Care for Patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – A Quality Improvement Project
Faculty Investigator(s): Yi Hui Liu, Lauren Gist
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates:  August 2015- present
Aim: To improve the quality of care for patients seen for ADHD through implementation of guidelines created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, with focus on follow up of patients treated with medications for ADHD.

Influence of Health Care Payors on Eating Disorder Treatment in Adolescents and Young Adults
Faculty Investigator(s): Maya Kumar 
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates:  2017- present
Aim: Determine whether type of health care payor (e.g. health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization, Medicaid, or Tricare) is associated with severity of illness at presentation or clinical outcomes among hospitalized adolescents and young adults with eating disorders. 

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia and Phototherapy Quality Improvement Project
Faculty Investigator(s): Helen Wang, Lisa Stellwagen
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates:  December 2016- present
Aim: To improve and standardize how medical providers treat neonatal hyperbilirubinemia with phototherapy through an educational tool based on current AAP guidelines.

Parent Training Program to Improve Outcomes in Childhood Obesity Treatment
Faculty Investigator(s): Kyung Rhee
Funding Source: NIDDK
Project Dates: November 2016 - present
Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of a program that combines family-based behavioral therapy and comprehensive parenting training to standard family-based behavioral therapy on child BMI/BMI z-score outcomes. Mediators and moderators of child outcomes such as parenting style, parenting strategies, behavioral strategies, and child-level factors will be evaluated.

Pediatric Lipid Screening Quality Improvement Project
Faculty Investigator(s): Leah Kern, Janet Crow
Funding Source: Academy of Clinician Scholars Project 
Project Dates: present - November 2018 
Aim: Implement recent guidelines for universal pediatric lipid screening including an assessment of provider and parental attitudes.

Postpartum Depression Screening Quality Improvement Project
Faculty Investigator(s): Leah Kern
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates: July 2017 - present
Aim: Implement recent guidelines for universal postpartum depression screening and support at well infant visits.

Premature Infant Nutrition Community Project #121603
Faculty Investigator(s): Eyla Boies
Funding Source: UCSD Clinical Trial Translational Institute
Project Dates: February 2013 - February 2017
Aim: Assess pediatric provider practice and experiences regarding nutrition of the preterm  infants and parental experiences in feeding their newborn after discharge.

Premature Infant Nutrition Clinic Quality Assurance Project #090368X
Faculty Investigator(s): Eyla Boies
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates: April 2009- present
Aim: Collect and analyze data on outpatient management of premature infant nutrition following discharge.

SCH: INT: Collaborative Research:  Unobtrusive Sensing and Motivational Feedback for Family Wellness
Faculty Investigator(s): Jina Huh
Funding Source: NSF
Project Dates: September 2016-Present
Aim: to develop an unobtrusive sensing and awareness system to help families improve family routines. Family routines improvement can lead to various wellness improvements, including child obesity prevention. The system will use mobile phones to detect family routines (screen viewing activities, sleep, family dinner frequency), and children participants will wear wearable devices to sense physical activity level.

School district Medical Consultation (public and private) 
Faculty Investigator(s): Howard Taras
Funding Source: N/A
Project Dates: 2010-Present
Aim: To operate a medical consultation service to school districts, charter schools, private schools, child care preschools, and county departments of education. We have provided this service for over 32 years and now assist more than two dozen school districts every year.

Share the Care Dental Health Initiative
Faculty Investigator(s): Howard Taras
Funding Source: County of San Diego, Health and Human Service Agency
Project Dates: 2007-Present
Aim: To provide access to emergency dental care for children who qualify for the program and to offer information and education to professionals, parents, and children to foster ongoing preventive dental care.

Southern California Nutrition Incentive Program (SCNIP)
Faculty Investigator(s): Kyung Rhee
Funding Source: USDA Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Award
Project Dates: 2017-Present
Aim: To develop, implement, and evaluate a multi-tiered program, which includes fruit and vegetable (FV) rebate financial incentives, FV promotions, and NEOP programming in a retail setting for SNAP participants who shop at eligible Northgate Markets in Southern California; and to assess the relative feasibility, acceptability, effectiveness and cultural appropriateness of the three tiers of SCNIP.

Using a Guided Self-Help Treatment Model for Childhood Obesity Management in the Primary Care Setting
Faculty Investigator(s): Kyung Rhee
Funding Source: HRSA/Maternal Child Health Bureau
Project Dates: November 2016 - present
Aim: To test the effect of health coaches providing obesity treatment in the primary care setting compared to usual care (PCP providing obesity management with the help of clinical decision support tools in the electronic health record) on changes in child BMI/BMI z-score.